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Eadu has been released, and Wobani has been updated to include Rogue One sides.

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Eadu has been released!

Download it here:

Also, Wobani has been updated to include these sides. That update can be found here:

8 New custom heroes and units:



Bodhi Rook:


Chirrut Imwe, with both lightbow and staff:



Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor:



Director Krennic:


Deathtrooper and Rebel Special Forces Officer:


5 1

Several new vehicles as well:


3 1

T4B Tank


Heavy Tank:


Feel free to comment with ideas, suggestions, etc. Happy modding!


Yes, I'm so ready for all of this, good work!

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Nice heroes and vehicles! Good job!

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I really enjoy your maps and love the large scale feel of them! Me and one of my friends really like Stock sides and I was wondering if there was any way to have a version of the maps that uses the stock sides?

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kiprobin Author

Copied and pasted from the eadu comments:
"A little hint, if you don't like a mod's custom sides, you can always open up the mod file (in this case, ED4), and replace the side lvl's with ones of your choosing. For this, you would go to whereverbf2isforyou>gamedata>addon>ED4>data>LVL_PC>SIDE, and you can replace those lvl's with custom ones you or someone else has made. This won't change the lua, so many custom units I added, like jyn and cassian, won't load at all, but units that are both in the lua and your side lvl should load into the map just fine, like the base infantry and some of the vehicles. The only time I know of that this will cause a crash is if the lua calls for command vehicles that aren't in the side lvl. For example, if the map has a gunship in it, but the lvl doesn't have one. In general, though, it's a good method to have some minor control of the sides in certain mods. You can do this with any mod that has a side folder in it, but sometimes it will cause a crash, so be sure to backup the original sides if you try this. Also, it only works if the mod in question uses custom sides. If it uses stock sides, it will have no effect.
I will have no complaints if you want to take harrison's remastered side lvls or something else and put them in any of my maps for your own personal use. More power to you
(you can also do this backwords. If you like a mod's sides, you can take it's side lvl and replace the base games side with it, so when the game loads stock sides it will load that mod's lvl. Be careful with that though; it's more likely to cause problems than doing it the other way. Also, remember that ppl worked hard on their maps and sides, so do not upload anything without permission. But for your own personal use it should be fine)"

This can be done with the stock sides too, so you can just take the stock side lvls (gamedata>data>lvl_pc>side, and move the corresponding side lvls into the side folder of the mod folder. Could cause a crash, I haven't tried, but it should work

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Thanks for the help man! I appreciate it! I really love the maps, I play Tatooine and Ren Var all the time!

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