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Dead Zone - Hope Lost - Update 28/02/2018 - Banks and Alife - Radiation - Locations

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Dead Zone - Hope Lost - Update 28/02/2018

  1. - Despite the lack of reported performance issues (everything works very smooth), I have optimized even more the code of some triggers.
  2. - Bank Saves have been made. They save all weapon upgrades, inventory, tasks and active boosts. Also saves coordinates of units and objects.
  3. - The game engine has been transformed into a fully automated library of triggers.
  4. - The game instead of 1 large location, will now be divided into more locations, some are smaller but also some are as large as the original. //It will allow me to create a huge world and prevent the need to return to the same places that forced the max size of the 512x512 SC2map. The new dependency file has all the resources and models so far available for quick use in each new location.
  5. - The loading time of each location is very fast and actions will be taken to optimize code and data even more for the sake of weaker PCs. - Bank data transfer from map to map has been tested. And works fine, more thorough tests will be passed to the testers.
  6. - The concept was slightly changed. The characters are the same, but the game is now focused only on Sharon. This means that Slash or other companions or Story NPCs can be killed and this does not end the game. Of course, the main plot will change for this reason. The goal is to reduce the linearity of the game to a minimum. - Removal of scripted events. //If you want to hide in a container and suddenly you feel like charging for 100 zombies is good idea, the game will let you do it.
  7. - Added Checkpoints.
  8. - Radiation and radiation resistance type has been added.

    New Resistance Type

  9. - The functionality of the ESC key and it's conflict with F10 menu has been fixed. You can freely close any UI windows using ESC.
  10. - Recycling system received a hotkey shortcut.
  11. - Banks store information about searched objects and loot containers on each location.

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