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Hullo intrepid KFA watchers and trackers, you'll be glad to know the mod is progressing nicely in most areas, coding, getting the models in-game. But we have one rather large hole to fill...

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You might have guessed it. Maybe not. Either way, what we really need is, as I pleaded for before a texture artist. After countless hours trundling through the internet searching, I find little to nothing and thus, I come to you. Our most devout of supporters.

I ask, that if you can texture or even if you have a friend who can, or if they know someone that you refer them here. We're in a spot of bother without one you see. We have models, someone to rig them and put them in-game, a coder but they'll all be rather...grey.

Anyway, enough rambling.


Hey guys,

I might be able to help you out with your whole texturing problem. I don't have a lot of experience texturing, although I know how. I've worked on a mod for sins of a solar empire before, but the team kind of fell through. If you'd like, I can whip up something to show you what I can do, or if you want to throw me some of what you already have I can see what kind of textures I can come up with there. I'd show you something now, but I am currently a college student, thus am not capable of focusing on anything unless I have some sort of motivation. Also as it happen I enjoy building spaceships over writing essays. Like i said, not a lot of experience, but I'll throw you a helping hand if you need one.

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Show me an example, that would be swell

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