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An article covering some features that will affect the replayability and complexity of the game world in EotGP.

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The replayability of the game comes from many features. First of all, our non linear story and the unique personal goals system. Second, there will be multiple ways to tackle enemies and each type of enemy will have different strengths and weaknesses. As I said earlier, you can kill a cockroach by button mashing. Try that against an elven royal guard and you might (just might) last a whole second against him. Blocking and evading will be an important part of combat, but I won't reveal more about this right now.

Ayrhed, the fictional world of EotGP

To give you an example of the non-linear structure of our game, here is an example of a classic RPG quest done our way: Farmer asks you to help him get rid of bandits who are trying to rob him. Ok, so far so good, seen that, done that. However, now comes our personal goals system. You can help the farmer and refuse any rewards. You get no money, but you get points for the "Altruism" Personal Goal, you get the reputation spreads that you help people unconditionally and that you're a good person. Or, you can settle with the initial promised reward and ask the farmer to spread the word of your deed. You get points for Glory and the reputation of a famous person. You could also bargain and demand double the initial reward. You get more money, points for the "Wealth" Personal Goal and more % mastery for the "Persuasion" skill, but the reputation spreads that you are greedy. Or, my personal favorite, you can help the bandits kill the farmer on the condition that they make their list of contacts available to you. You gain access to more shady people, points for the "Power" personal goal and the reputation that you are ruthless and power hungry. Depending on the quests you do and how you do them, the game will calculate the percentage of each Personal Goal out of the total PG points and will select a certain reputation preset. There are multiple combinations here. You can be known as a Robin Hood type, sometimes haggling for bigger rewards, mostly being altruistic and on a few ocasions resorting to less honorable deeds to fulfill your goals. Of course, as a result of your reputation, NPCs will treat you differently and other possibilities will open up. Some quest givers prefer people with a certain reputation, even in the main quest of the game.Also, there are what we call "jobs", side quests that become available at random points during the game, depending on an analysis of skills and story progression. And some of these "jobs" can unlock further quests. Also, we will have a system of random events which will, more or less, have an impact on the world. With NPCs that have daily routines (in some cases the AI will randomly choose between two or more tasks that an NPC can perform at a predetermined hour, so NPCs might do something one day and something else another) and a wildlife that behaves naturally as well (hunting, feeding, sleeping), you get an idea of how dynamic our game world will be. You will see animals doing their thing in the wildlife, travellers between cities, bandits sometimes attacking travellers, different people at different hours in taverns each day, etc. Ayrhed might turn out to be the most complex, lifelike and immersive game world ever created.


"Ayrhed might turn out to be the most complex, lifelike and immersive game world ever created." You have huge hopes for your game I see, I hope you will finish this game, but others have tried to make something this big and gave up or they released a completely different game than what was promised. You gave us some good reads about the game lately and I give you thanks for that. Now get to work and get the game working and show us some of these things in action, hehe. Also, is the UDK good enough for what you guys want? I read that it's not that good for making such a RPG, but you must know better if you're actually doing the game. Anyway, I wish the best for you and your game, cheers.

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Th13f Author

We discussed a lot about what engine we will use. UDK was the best sollution considering our resources. And some of that complex stuff isn't that hard to make once you have the basic templates set up (referring to NPC activities or the Personal Goals system).

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