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Covering the recent updates of Dunlore(1.0.2-1.0.6), and showing a few things that are being worked on.

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Dunlore 1.0.2 - 1.0.6

Dunlore has been getting a lot of fixing up recently. I've been constantly fixing bugs, adding new content, and balancing it. A lot has been improved, and there is much more to come.

Recent Updates


In 1.0.2, I fixed quite a few bugs, updated a lot of art, and began the Halloween event. The Halloween event was really fun, and everybody had a great time. Already excited for next year!


1.0.3 was a pretty small update, but it had some cool stuff. I fixed a few bugs, added some potion art, and changed Dunlore's old choppy lighting to a new smooth lighting system(which looks AWESOME).


This update included tons of bugfixes- I also balanced the game a lot in this update. I added a few tiny improvements, and added a whole new map. I also made it so shops would only buy items they "want" for full price; other items can be sold for half price.

This was a really quick (and rather rushed) update- I realized I broke a few features while adding them in in a hurry...

There were a few really bad bugs involving stat saving/loading; luckily I fixed them. I added a few things, removed a few things, and fixed a few things. Another very minor update.


This was a really quick update that fixed some important bugs. It also added a Fireball Scroll into the game, which, once used, allows the user to create a fireball(assuming they have the necessary Flux Shifting requirements).


After a small period of inactivity(I've been quite busy...), I finally got back to updating the game. I released 1.0.6, which added a number of things into the game. I added new fish into the game which began to bring more depth into the Fishing skill. I also added handheld torches which can be crafted; they create a light bubble around the player. I updated a ton of the old art(which actually dated back to ~2 years ago...). I made melee combat keys mappable, a killer falling tree animation, and I ended the Halloween event. Also, of course, there were the usual bugfixes, making for a pretty solid update. Changelog


Here are a few pictures of what I've been working on recently for the next update.

A screenshot from the next update. It shows the improved cliffs and mountains being worked on; it also shows a new kind of tree.

Another screenshot from the update that is being worked on. I show off a new feature: Capes! Disregard the Inventory Hotbar being under the chat window- it's fixed now. The equipment window was also a bit messed up at that point; it's also fixed now.

I've also thrown together a Dunlore Beta trailer. Check it out here.

A Plead For Help

Recently, the game has been empty a lot. It's really kind of dying, and I need some players to have some fun regularly and keep the game going! Come check the game out; bring some friends.

Dunlore's Website

Bov - - 193 comments

This seams cool and has potential. I will check it out.

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Cristiano.b. - - 107 comments


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legit_gamer - - 22 comments

This game looks fantastic! smooth graphics and looks like it'll have a lot of play ability. My only recommendation is to add some sort of movement to the fighting so you aren't just standing in one place. Really looks fantastic keep up the good work! Also I would put the download on the Indiedb sight so you can move up in the ranking a little better and get some more views! great game just downloaded it!

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Auric Author
Auric - - 16 comments

Thanks a lot! Right now, the game is fairly un-fleshed-out(is that a word?), but according to some of the players it's fun. Please check out the readme if nobody is online and you need some help controlling or something- the game, unfortunately, lacks an in-game tutorial at the moment.

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