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Dungeon Legend - Upcoming RPG/Dungeon Crawler for Mac/PC/Web. Release is set for Summer of 2011.

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We are a small team of talented artists currently in the process of creating a dungeon crawler/rpg called "Dungeon Legend" for Mac/PC/Web.

Development has started a while back but we were forced to hire a new programmer and start the programming from scratch. We are making good progress and camera and navigation are implemented as well as the first "action" which is "rolling for loot".

In Dungeon Legend you move from room to room through dangerous dungeons filled with traps and monsters. Battle is going to be turn based since we believe it's actually more fun.

The current Dungeon Legend Team:

Thomas Pasieka - Project Lead/Art Director
Erez Yohanan - Music/Sound Effects
Glen Southern - Characters/Creatures Artist
Andreas Knauf - Rigging/Animation Artist/Programming
Bjorn Hurri - Concept Art / Lead Artist at Opus Artz Ltd.
Teck Lee Tan - Creature/Character Texture Artist
Christopher Benson - Writer/Editor

Thanks for watching/reading and please leave comments and questions if you have any. Thomas P.

INtense! Staff

looking good so far :)

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Nice lighting, been wanting a game like this for quite some time now.. !

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One small thing, whenever the player character finds loot, he joyfully moans or something. I would save that only for bigger/better loots because it could become annoying.

Other than that, it's looking pretty nice!

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I am so not digging the dice roll sounds haha, I'd prefer them gone, fx look amazing though, gj

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Wow! Great job!! Tracking.

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Magnificent! Between the lighting, the music and the sound of dice rolling, it's like seeing a movie of what goes through my head when playing D&D. I can't wait to pick this one up.

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