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2 New object information features and some fixes/balancing changes.

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Today's update is: (v0.1.8.158). This version is coming to completion, and I am soon going to move to 0.1.9 as soon as 0.1.8.x is stable enough.

This update brings a few new features that give you more information about your dungeon and the items you have gathered:

1. You can now see how much food you and gold you have collected. The
Gold Count and Food Count are located above the game window:

It count's only food that is in a dining table and gold coins that are inside a chest. Food stored in a crafting bench or coins laying on the ground for example are not included in the count. Food count isn't showing individual food items, but instead its a sum of all the food points for each food item stored in the dining table. So if you have 2 items, say 2 stews, each valued at 50 food points, then the food point counter will show 100 and not 2.

2. The second feature adds an object info box to container and machine type objects, such as the chest, workbench or cooking pot and alchemy table. This info box displays more information than just the name of the objects:

Depending on the additional attributes the object has, determines what will be shown in that box. Food shows food points, wood shows fuel point, potions show strength points, traps show uses remaining, etc.

- Reduces meat food output from 500 to 200

Bug Fixes
- Fixes Bug that prevented food from storing it's food points when saving a game to the server.

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