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A peek at the major changes of the next map update.

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The next update is due for sometime within this week. These are the main changes:

The mage vaults are gone! You now gain Tier 1-5 spells automatically via script but tier 4 and 5 will be impossible to cast unless you have advanced in their magic skill. The issue with mage vaults was that your spellbook did not record what you learnt so you had to remember them!


Some extra artifacts added. Nival's system made relics spawn only once so if there were more artifact merchants than there were relics, the merchants that were added last on the map would fail to spawn a relic. Now the third merchant for each faction spawns relics as well, improving hero stat distribution.

Ingame skill descriptions have a much improved presentation!


Elven Luck is now available to all factions except Academy, Necropolis and Fortress. This turns luck bonus from 160% to 200%. Since the map does not contain luck artifacts and luck abilities are limited, this makes Luck more competitive compared to Leadership. The reason the aforementioned factions are excluded:
- Academy can use Artificer with luck properties plus Djinn Wheel of Fortune.
- Fortress with Rune of Battlerage can get out of hand. Especially with Thunder Thanes ^^
- Necropolis can have high numbers of low tier undead. Battle Frenzy and double luck damage is a bit much.

However, Academy and Necropolis can now get Misfortune (-1 luck) without Soldier's Luck.

Banshee Howl is now -1 Luck/Morale and -15% enemy Initiative instead of -2 Luck/Morale. This affected Luck builds a lot and could also stack with Mass Despair. The effect may not seem special but it can be cast at 25% Atb and neutral morale starts at 0.

Critical Gating has gone from 11% per luck to 10% plus 10% per luck. The skill is now on par with Gate Master (on average) and Misfortune or Banshee Howl become less punishing compared to before.

Refresh Rune now adds +1 of each resource, allowing for one additional rune activation. The Atb cost for refreshing a rune remains 30%, allowing you to reuse a rune or revert Greater Rune's triple cost back to normal.

Hellfire has been toned down to 30+15*Spellpower from 20+20*SP. If you invested in high spellpower it could reach some pretty nutty values.

Angel 3rd alternative upgrade added! They can activate Rune of Revival to bring back 2 Angels without losing a turn. They have same average damage as the Archangel but are immune to Curse spell.

Hellhound 3rd alternative upgrade has been redesigned in a more interesting way. They still reach the other side from their first action and they still lack No Retaliation. However, when they attack they summon a Hellhound stack of equal size and it attacks the target before it can retaliate!
Needless to say, they still die like flies :) Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!


Poltergeist's Ammo Steal can now steal from one tile further.

Colossi no longer have Call Lightning. Their improved stats and Bash are all they need!

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