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You may have heard of the VR game Drunk or Dead, which was released on Steam in 2016... So there you have it! Next year, our studio will release a Drunk or Dead 2 demo, which you should definitely check out. Zombies, alcohol, cool weapons, alcohol, co-op, alcohol, and zombies will all be present. Just watch the trailer to get a sense of the game.

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All people on Earth turned into zombies as a result of specific events, except for those who were drunk at the time. This is the storyline of the 4 I Lab videogame Drunk or Dead 2. In 2023, the game for current VR headsets will be available on Steam.

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Drunk or Dead 2 is a sequel to a game developed in 2016 during 48-hour hackathon. There was only one requirement – the game had to be ready for store release. The team met the challenge, and the game went viral on Steam with over 90% positive reviews. At White Night Prague the next year, 4 I Lab received the award for best VR game. The game was fun to play at parties, as intended by the developers. The lack of features, which were implemented during 48 hours of development, worked to the game's advantage because it made it simple to understand even for folks who had never tried a VR headset before. The overdrunk mechanics, which altered the zombie's look based on the beverage you were consuming, was extremely well-received by players.

Despite the success of the original game, work on the follow-up started in 2022. The team collected feedback from players and streamers and looked for tools to help get around technical challenges.

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The most noticeable update is the new graphics. In six years, the hardware has become more powerful, the development environment has changed, and artists have gained a lot of experience.

There is also a cooperative online mode for 4 players with special levels that require tactical thinking and coordination. Without teamwork, it will be difficult to win.

Since there will be a lot of social activity in the game, there will be deep character customization. Without lootboxes, NFTs and in-game purchases. There will be more than 10 characters in the game, each with unique weapons.

Screenshot 11 23 2022 23 36 55

The storyline has also been enhanced. There will be secondary stories in addition to the main linear story mode, some of which cannot be finished in the single-player game.

The gameplay will also receive some improvements. For example, the game will include neurozombies, which can shoot back, forcing the player to cover.

There's no time to be bored. It will take several evenings to finish the game, but you can replay it in the New Game+ mode.

The basic objective ofDrunk or Dead 2 is still the same: to fully immerse the player in the game's virtual world. Drunk or Dead is a "full-body exercise game where you shoot zombies while getting wasted on tequila," according to the developers.

Screenshot 11 23 2022 23 37 32

The design document of the first chapter took less than 10 pages. Drunk or Dead 2 has over 300 pages of in-depth descriptions of locations, zombie types, plot, and characters. Additionally, the development staff is expanding steadily.

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The full game is anticipated in 2023, and the demo will be available on Steam in late January.

Join a discussion with the devs on Discord, follow the game's development progress on Twitter and Facebook, or both.

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hi all!
Do you have any questions?

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Wow! I'm looking forward to playing this game! Nice job guys!

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