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The latest update brings combat drones, mining drones and shield drones to Galactic Crew. Mine asteroids without mining lasers, boost your combat strength or recharge your shields. Use them in any way you want!

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This week's update brings a new small room, a new piece of equipment and three drone types.

Drone Bay

The drone bay is a new small room that can replace any other small room like crew quarters or botanical gardens. Each drone bay stores two drones. When you are next to a space station or a shipyard, you can replace your drones with different ones for free. You will find an overview of your drones below your weapons in the Ship Overview. You can have up to two drones bays and four drones at the same time. The drones will operate automatically. They have their own power supply. So, they work even if your ship has no working reactor.

Drone Booster

The drone booster is a new piece of equipment and increases the rate of fire for all your drones by 25%. Please note that you can have up to three drone boosters at the same time resulting in 75% increased rate of fire. Combat drones will shoot faster, shield drones will regenerate your shields faster and mining droids will mine faster!

Combat Drones

As soon as you start a space combat against enemy spaceships, the combat drones launch and attack random pieces of equipment. When their target is destroyed, they attack the next piece of equipment. After the combat, they return to your ship.

Shield Drones

Shield drones launch at the beginning of space combat just like combat drones. However, they will regenerate your shield with each shot. Please note, they can only regenerate shields if you have at least one shield generator.

Mining Drones

When you start mining an asteroid using your engineer's skill, all mining droids will launch to mine that asteroid. You must have an engineer to use them (just like normal mining lasers), but you can also use the droids if you don't have mining lasers. So you can jump into an asteroid field with you heavily armed ship and use the drones to mine the asteroids.

Bug Fixes

  • When moving the camera, the progress bar's position of mission asteroids was not properly updated.
  • If a player entered a sector with a mission asteroid multiple times, a new progress bar was created each time.
  • Asteroid missions do no longer spawn on space stations or asteroid fields.
  • The game could crash when a weapon turret was replaced while it was repaired by a crew member.
  • The tool-tips were wrong after rooms were changed at a space station.

Coming up next...

  • Jump gates: Jump through the galaxy or jump to a new galaxy
  • Two new spaceships
  • New space events with new missions
  • Fench and Brazilian Portugese language support
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