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Check out all of the drinking games in Drink Inc. Play with up to 8 player locally on Xbox and PC.

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In Ball Drop, players each take turns dropping a ball. If the ball lands in a red area, the number is the amount of drinks they take. If it lands in a green area, they give out that many drinks.

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Players get to vote on who they think should drink. Vote count is kept hidden until the end. Once revealed, the player(s) with the most votes will have to drink.

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Roll master is a jackpot game. Players take turns trying to stop the slide at the right time to roll a ball across the platform and into the hole. If one succeeds, they get to hand out the number of drinks in which the jackpot is set to.

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Everything comes to chance in this game. Players will all be put on a spinning wheel and the player that it lands on must drink.

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