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Before the coming of the Wizard, King Mithas had Tristan Langue d'Argent, his right hand, his chancellor, his advisor.

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Dread Lord


Before the coming of the Wizard, King Mithas had Tristan Langue d'Argent, his right hand, his chancellor, his advisor. This man had the unique ability to make the best our of any situation, specially when it came at the cost of others. His many tasks ranged from attending to important diplomatic meetings in the name of his liege, to making sure the people always owed the crown tax money and payed the debts in full amount. Interest rates included.

The Wizard soon took his place at the King's side with his silver tongue. But the Chancellor could see he and the Conjurer had much in common. This meant it was obvious to Tristan his new rival was lying and acting his way through a plot. At just the right moment he approched the outsider and offered him a devil's deal: he would betray his King in exchange of power and a high position under the Wizard's new rule, whom didn't consider him an equal as much as a useful pet. The deal came through, but at the cost of his sanity and image. He follows his new master with blind faith, too crazed to see the consequences of his actions.


Name: Dread Lord – Snake Tongue Tristan
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Affilation: Forsaken
Gender: Male
Race: Undead
Role: Supporter
Damage: 22 - 28
Armor: 5

Movementspeed: 270
Health-Regeneration: 0.25
Mana-Regeneration: 0.01
Weapon Type: Missile
Cooldown: 1.9
Range: 600
Start Health Points: 650
Start Mana Points: 300


Vampire Blood
Vampire Blood:
The Dread Lord spills his own blood into a target area, enchanting allied units with a life-draining attack.

Tristan heals a friendly unit and removes negative buffs or, he damages an enemy unit and removes positive buffs. It deals bonus damage to summons.

Sleepy Dust
Sleepy Dust:
The Snake Tongue summons an invisible Dust Bag on the floor that releases Sleep Powder when an enemy steps on it, effectively putting the unit to sleep.

Night Dome
Night Dome:
Snake Tongue Tristan increases the mana regeneration of friendly units by creating a great Dome around them. It absorbs mana everytime a unit inside it casts a spell, increasing its own output.

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