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In Steredenn, each environment has a dominant color. Here, as you might have guessed with the preview image, it’s the red color. Plus has some words to say about the process of creating a full-fledged environment for Steredenn.

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Plus: the environment above is almost complete. I still have to do the third planet: it’s going to be a gas giant with a ring, kinda like Saturn.First, I will quickly draw the silhouette of the planet to have the shape and the size.

I usually do all the planets like this, to have something coherent. Then, when I’m satisfied, I start to draw the planet with the real shapes:

Okay, now, let’s begin with the real pixels. I do the planet first, so I’m going to hide the ring for the moment. I add some shapes of clouds and winds and make it look a little less flat.

I add shadows and colors on a different layer.

Then, I adjust the hue (it was a little too purple).

Next step: the ring!

I apply pretty much the same pattern here. I add some textures, plus the shadows on a different layer.

And it’s done! Observe the final result with two other planets:

I hope you enjoyed this! I will probably make a video for the next environment.

(This post was originnaly posted on our devblog).


Nice artwork - keep up the great work! :)

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I like, very trippy

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