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Some instructions on how to play and what some stuff means.

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Here is the first how to play for The Alcohol Sagas.

Drinks and Power Levels

Your power level increases each time you drink! You power is tested each time you fight another player or a Boss! Feel free to drink anytime but it will not increase your power level!

Each square will tell you how many to drink and who should drink. Sometimes you must make a choice so please select the player you choose!


You battle another player if you land on the same square as them. If there are many people on that square you must pick, I recommend someone with a low power level! A dialog will appear for you to choose a player.

The amount of drinks for the loser will be shown.


Bosses have yellow borders and while they are alive, everyone must stop at them and do not battle each other on that square.

A boss has a set HP and power level and everyone must work together to defeat them!

Bosses can kill a player if their roll is far higher than the player and conversely can be critically hit if the reverse happens.

Once a boss is dead, players can continue forward!


Players can die in PvP battles, Boss battles or from square effects! They are moved to Snake Way where they must complete the trip, train with King Kai and then will be revived to where they fell.

Squares which bring players to their square do not work on dead people!


Players sometimes have icons under their names, these mean:

Skull: This icon indicates that that player is currently dead. They cannot be brought back onto the board by square effects.

S: This means the next drink of this player will be Shared with the player whose colour the icon is.

B: This means the next drink of this player will be Blocked with the player whose colour the icon is.

F: This means this player and the other player are now Fused and will share drinks and death. Removes on death.

M: This means the player is going to Miss their next turn.

Players can only have 1 Share, Block or Fuse buff at a time. New ones will override old ones. Fusions cannot be overridden.


You do not need an Xbox controller to play but it does make playing on a couch with many people easier than a keyboard.

In the future Id like to support many controllers to lower passing around but for this release 1 works even though it says it does not.

Start: When you have a continue prompt.

A: Select players when the dialog appears.

Y: Hit the table to bump dice.

R1: Change music track.

Back: Shows exit button, then press A to quit.

Known Shitty Situations

Sometimes bugs happen, but there's a few I know of so far.

  • Sometimes a dice will be slightly bouncing on the ground due to a physics glitch, hit the table by pressing left control to free it
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