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Drag[en]gine reached 1.13 and has now the new DENetwork Library to connect all kinds of applications to Drag[en]gine games.

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Drag[en]gine Game Engine Release 1.13

Some of the changes:

  • Drag[en]gine: Added "invert blend factor" parameter to animator rules.
  • DragonScript: Added slider widget and widget title to improve handling styled titled borders.
  • DragonScript: Added support for AnimatorDefinition deep copy and loading animation as AnimatorDefinition or Animator.
  • DragonScript: Added conversation gesture fade-in and fade-out controller support.
  • IGDE: Added support for Edit Path Widget to switch between relative/absolute path, browse directory in operating system file browser and select files keeping relative/absolute path.
  • IGDE: Added support for modules to process command line arguments for Game Continuous Integration. See Game CI Wiki Page.
  • Conversation Editor: Added support to set default duration on gestures.

See the full changelog here: Changelog Release 1.13.

Drag[en]gine Network Library 1.0

The Drag[en]gine game engine network module uses DNP (Drag[en]gine Network Protocol) to communicate with other game engine instances. For certain use cases you do not need a full fledged game engine. For these situations the Drag[en]gine Network Library has been created. These are static libraries to include into existing applications to speak DNP. Supported right now are:

  • Static Library for C++ applications.
  • JAR library for Java/Android applications.
  • More to come (Python, C#...)

Typical use case are:

  • Game servers hosting one or more games.
  • Persistency support like database access, leader boards or spectator mode.
  • Game development support like UnrealEditor plugins (LiveLink for DEMoCap for example).
  • Administrator/Debug access.

The video below shows the example clients included in the release which synchronizes a simple float value.

See the source code in the Github Repository for how to use these libraries.

Drag[en]gine Distribution 1.13

To help distribute your games find here also the updated distribution files for Steam and Microsoft App Store.


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