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DemonSquirrel's FoC mod 1.1

New Imperial Units
Eclipse class Super Star Destroyer
Executor class Super Star Destroyer
Imperial Star Destroyer MK II
Titan Heavy Destroyer
Venator Star Destroyer
Lancer Frigate
Missile Boat Squadron
Assault Gunboat Squadron
TIE Advanced Squadron
TIE Avenger Squadron
TIE Droid Squadron
ARC-170 Squadron
Scimitar Assault Bomber Squadron
V-wing Squadron
TIE Fighter (Ground)
Imperial Navytroopers
AT-AP walker
AT-TE Walker
E-webs Weapons Team
LAAT clone Gunship
Darkside adept
Improved Juggernaut
Admiral Ozzel - Imperial Star Destroyer 'Nemesis'
Admiral Daala - Imperial Star Destroyer 'Gorgon' [Comes w/a battlegroup of 4 ISDS]
Admiral Krennel - Imperial Star Destroyer 'Reckoning'
Grand Admiral Zaarin - Imperial Star Destroyer 'Glory'
Captain Needa - Imperial Star Destroyer 'Avenger'
Captain Pellaeon - Imperial Star Destroyer 'Chimaera'
Commander Praji - Imperial Star Destroyer 'Devastator'
Admiral Gaarn - Executor class Star Dreadnaught 'The Annihilator'
Admiral Zsinj - Executor class Star Dreadnaught 'The Iron Fist'
Ysanne Isard - Executor class Star Dreadnaught 'The Lusankya'
Moff Jerjerod
New Rebelllion Units
MC80a Battlecruiser
MC90 Battleship
Assault Frigate MK I
Corellian Battlecruiser
Corellian Destroyer
Mediator Cruiser
K-wing Squadron
Venator Star Destroyer
Jedi ETA-2 Interceptor
Sorry ! No new land units for the Rebs
Princess Leia - 'Tantive IV'
General Crix Madine - Mon Calamari Cruiser 'Liberty'
General Rieekan - Mon Calamari Cruiser 'Ardent'
General Lando Calrissian - Mon Calamari Cruiser 'Alliance'
New Consortium Units
Lucrehulk class Battleship
Providence class Destroyer
Rescucant class Destroyer
Munificent class Star frigate
Trilon Aggresor assault fighter
Vulture droid
Tri-fighter droid
Battle droid
Super Battle droid
Droideka MK I
Snail Enforcer tank
Darkside adept (Disabled because it is too uncanon)
Mandalorian warriors
Other changes
- AT-AA much more powerful now , fires like Anti-Aircraft turret but at faster rate .
- AT-AT bigger , more powerful . Fire pulse count reduced to 2 as seen in movie
- AT-ST slightly bigger , more powerful . Fire pulse count reduced to 2 as seen in movie .
- AAT more powerful
- 2-M repulsor tank more powerful
- Pod walker more powerful , does more damage and slightly bigger
- Mon Cal cruiser made bigger
- Imperial Star Destroyer made bigger
- The Lusankya is now smaller (Half the size of regular Executor)
- Lucrehulk battleship now stronger
- Providence now stronger
- Munificent made stronger
- Rescusant made slightly weaker
- Super Star Destroyers made slightly bigger
- Some planets pop caps are 50 .
- Hoth now has 9 build slots .
- Level 5 space station available at Hoth
- Hypori's income modified by a little

Credits, acknowledgements, and Legal Stuff:

You can use any of these units/codes in any of your mods as long as you credit the original
creators/modellors which I have listed below. (Public releases.) Some units require that you ask
their original creators for permission before you use them as well.

Bailknight: LAAT, E-Web Troopers, Assault Frigate MKI, Models, Icons and Skins for all these units, as
well as the Navytroopers Icon.
Codeuser: Snail Tank, Model and Skin.
Legacy of War: Hero Icon for Jan Dodonna.
Keeper of Faith: Battledroid and Super Battledroid, Models and Skins for both.
IA2: Assault Gunboat, Model and Skin.
DemonSquirrel(Me): Credit for all the other models and skins for the new units.
SAU: Corellian Battlecruiser and Destroyer models and skins for both.
CIS: Mediator Cruiser model and skin. Modding Tools. : the RoTS soundtrack

Other credits and grateful thanks in summary:Bhaalshad, ShadowSword, LOW, IA2, KOF, Bailknight, Codeuser, Jedi_Consulor, Frankie,, Steinars Advanced Units Mod, Avenger, CIS.

Code for all the units, Icons: Myself.

Contact Information:
My email : /

Installation : Drop the ART , Text and XML files into GameData/Data .

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