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well here it is the link you have all been waiting for

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Ok the uploader won't work on here so i went on file front and uploded it. it is a torrrent so utorrent or bittorrent is requred but anyways here is the link

and here is the link to utorrent if you dont have it
oh also why i'm talking i might as well tell you the features of the game. at first there are over 100+ ww2 aircraft to choose from. there are US,USSR,JAP,and German fighter planes in the game and there are at least 20 different maps. in the maps you can fly from france to midway. Oh also you can do bombing runs, dive bombing, torpedo drops, and rocket to ground attacks. you can also take out boaats and factories and there is also a deadly armory of weapons from a 12 pound rocket to a 3500 pound bomb. well anyways enjoy the game.

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