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A brief summary on the project and the plans for the future.

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So, this project aims to bring Codex Edition up to date and fix many of the issues it has. The original project is entirely down to the brainstorming of one Gabriel Gorgutz and his many teammates, it is a fantastic mod designed around bringing Dawn of War II: Retribution into a closer-to-fluff state without going to the extremes of other mods such as Vengeance of the Blood Ravens.

The mod from here on will aim to incorporate the Tau as a new faction and following this, Grey Knights/Ordo Malleus. Both of these factions will add some extra flavour to the roster we already have as well as provide unique elements in that one is entirely focused on range whilst I will build the other almost entirely on melee and melee range weapons, specializing in devastating close combat assaults.

If you have any suggestions, the forum has plenty of sections to make them heard and if you enjoy the mod, please leave a review. It really helps the publicity of the mod jump up!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy. This mod is absolutely phenomenal, and I hope Gabriel approves of my efforts to fix it up, because the mod he made was absolutely my favourite for Dawn of War Retribution and I thought it a tragedy to leave this mod to decay as a broken product prior to my updating of it.

Also, in terms of credit, I want to thank Gabriel Gorgutz and everyone responsible for the old Codex Edition for the fantastic work they did, I'm just fixing it up so full credit still rests with them. I also want to thank Elite Mod and the community around it for some of the cosmetics for both unit abilities and armies, which significantly spice up the appearance of certain chapters/craftworlds/warbands/etc. It looks stellar guys, and the game wouldn't be the same without your contribution.

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