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A sneak peek at the dialog system and the usual ramblings about the next big thing we plan on implementing.

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Hey Guys and Gals,

This week we finally managed to get the Dialogs system video done. As always you can feast your eyes on the awesomeness that it is right here.


As I've mentioned in the previous post the dialog system is very similar to that of Diablo 3. The main purpose behind it is to give players a chance to explore the various characters a little bit and listen to some, what we hope will be, funny and witty dialogs. There will be no choices given to the player as the dialogs will be done in a linear 'take it or leave it' fashion.

When NPCs will be giving our hero quest player's will get to see the possible rewards in a small side panel next to the main Dialog UI.

That's all there is to it. At the end of the day this game is about kicking ass and chewing stuff, not about getting touchy feely with some random NPC. Unless of course the NPC is Dr. Blaze ;)


Now that the dialogs are pretty much done and dusted we can finally start porting the character controller over from the 'old' source. We also got our hands on a very cool character controller plugin for Unity as well as the insanely awesome IK system.

With a bit of luck next month we will finally get to see some proper gameplay ;)

We will be back with more soon. Stay tuned.
- Alex


Haha, this is actually really impressive. Was not expecting this game to have a strong dialog system like this, but I really enjoyed that. Great voice acting and quips.

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alexfeature Author

Indeed :)

To be honest these ideas just come to you at one point or another. Eventually you give them a go and voila the end result doesn't totally suck. Doesn't happen often but it feels great when others like the final product.

There is still a lot of work to be done in the polishing department. But overall it looks like this system could really work for DB.

Thanks for the support man. Much appreciated!

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