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Dorwinion or Dor-Winion was a land which lay on the north-western shores of the Sea of Rhûn, surrounded by the River Running. In Dorwinion was made a heady wine, which was strong enough to let even Elves get drunk and fall asleep.

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The peoples of Dorwinion are divided between Elves and Men. The Elves are few, but with their affinity for nature have become the wealthy of the land. Despite this, the aristocracy of Dorwinion is formed by the Men. This is due to Man's eagerness to fight, as opposed to the Elven interests in peace. Despite this divide, the Men, regardless of their power, are jealous of the Elven wealth flowing from the vineyards and trade routes.

In the Vinter-court, the Wine Regent (comparative to a king in other realms) oversees a large council. Many of the nobles are Men, as they don't wish to see Elves in their place of power. The Wine Regent only wishes to maintain peace and the flourishing of commerce. This is made more difficult as the nobles push Dorwinion to the brink of war.

On the outskirts of the realm, peoples from across Rhûn are migrating over the border. Though many of these are refugees from wars in the east, there is also a coordinated effort to overwhelm the people of Dorwinion and make the land a puppet of the Easterlings, bringing them into the coming fight against Dale. In this tense atmosphere, the Wine Regent is having an even harder time keeping the peace.

This tension will give the player the opportunity to choose between good and evil, Dale or Rhûn, Elves or Men...


Buildins list:

    • Watchmen Barracks: The Watchmen Barracks is the central recruiting building of the faction it alows you to recruits every standart units and every elite and heroic units.

    • Departure building of the convoys: From this place, the merchant’s convoys goes far to sell the famous wine of the Dorwinion’s vinyards.

    • Siege Workshop: It is into the siege workshop that are improved and construct the weaponds that will destroy the cities of the ennmies of Dorwinion..

    • Embassy: The Embassy is the Core buildings of the faction. There, the dorwinrims make their trade rights, alliances and contracts It’s a place of peace where every one can go without being embarassed.

    • Noble forges: In their forges, the nobles research new technologies to improve their units and make them even more powerfull while fighting.

    • Vinyards: The Wine of Dorwinion is famous and thus Dorwinion have a lot of vineyards into his land, most part of them are elven’s property. They have affinity with nature and it helps to grow the perfect grapes for the perfect wine.

    • Market: The Markets of Dorwinion are known all around the middle earth for the quantity and quality of wine that you can found there, the dorwinrims goes there every weeks to exchange, buy and sell everything they could.

    • Wine cellar: The Wine of Dorwinion is famous and thus Dorwinion need to store them somewhere. the wine cellars are generally the property of the nobles of Dorwinion. When an elf want to use it to store his wine he have to pay a taxe.

Units list:

    • Vineland Milicians: The milicians are a verry weak units, armed quickly without any basic training they are equiped with lances and will serve approxymately only to protect the vinyards. They can’t receive any upgrades and can’t upgrade their levels

    • Vineyards Archers: The Vineyards watch are the basic units of Dorwinion, they are not the best units of middle earth but do not want to see their land beeing razed by ennemies. they will take up their weapons to defend their lands from plunderers and various ennemies

    • Vineyards swordsmen: The Vineyards watch are the basic units of Dorwinion, they are not the best units of middle earth but do not want to see their land beeing razed by ennemies. they will take up their weapons to defend their lands from plunderers and various ennemies

    • Vineyards Lancers: The Vineyards watch are the basic units of Dorwinion, they are not the best units of middle earth but do not want to see their land beeing razed by ennemies. they will take up their weapons to defend their lands from plunderers and various ennemies

    • Dalian Patrollers: Sent from Dale and commanded by Delling, the Dalian Patrollers guard the roads of Dorwinion against enemies of the country and of Dale itself, Armed with bows, they are fearsome archers that can kill enemies from afar

    • Rhûnic Peacekeepers: The rhunic peacekeepers called by the population as peacebringers are sent from the Rhûnic Confederation to stop people that rebel because of the alliance between Dorwinion and Rhûn. These mounted warriors are under the service of Belakar and are prepared to show the might of Rhûn on the lands of Dorwinion.

    • Merchant Escorts: When merchants leave the lands of Dorwinion for less safe places, they need a guard to protect themselves from danger. The Merchant Escorts are well trained cavalry that serve this purpose.

    • Vintner-court battalion: The Vintner-Court Battalion is the guard of the Vintner-Court, and are selected among the best swordsmen of Dorwinion, so they can fulfill the important task they have been given.

    • Avari lancers: The Avari are peaceful elves that hail from the lands of Dorwinion. They are usually devoted to the making of wine, but when time comes to fight for Dorwinion and defend it from outside menaces, they can be formidable pikemen.

    • Bladorthin Paladins: Tasked with guarding the tomb of King Bladorthin, these soldiers are the best lancers in all of Dorwinion, and will not hesitate to fight to protect the lands and the tomb of the king himself.

    • Purple Guard: The personal guard of the Wine-regent of Dorwinion, commanded by Hawin, they are well trained in the art of the sword, and hide their faces between masks that makes them frightening to the enemies of Dorwinion and the wine-regent.

    • Thorn Regiments: The Thorn Regiment are an elite cavalry battalion commanded by Roald the Grave, General of Dorwinion. They are usually sent by the wine-regent to kill dissidents, and wield powerful spears into battle.

    • Dorwinion besiegers: Men who are trained to throw wildfire pots, which can deal devastating damage to the buildings of Dorwinion’s enemies, so they are really dangerous for the besieged when assaulting an enemy fortress.

    • Catapult: The Catapult of Dorwinion is a powerful siege weapon that is used by the army to attack buildings and enemies alike. It can be equipped with wildfire pots for maximum effectiveness in their purpose.

    • Firethrower of Dorwinion: The Fire-Throwers are used as the equivalent of a siege ram by the people of Dorwinion, being able to cast such a devastating flame that it can bring doors down as well as soldiers, turning them into ashes.

Heroes list:

    • Heroca, Wine Regent of Dorwinion: Heroca is the Wine Regent of Dorwinion. Though old, he is still a strong king, that try to maintain the stability of his land. He is the descendant of the king Bladorthin. He is the master of the vintner court and his duty is to listen to his poeple will.

    • Nurwë, Elven Representative to the Vinter-court: Nurwë was one of the leaders of the Avari, along with Morwë, those of the Elves who refused the summons of Oromë. He also is the most prosperous merchant in all Dorwinion. He controls around half the vineyards in the land and as a result is quite influential.

    • Roald the Grave, General of Dorwinion: The more Loyal general of Middle earth. Even if Dorwinion didn’t have any wars since a while, he keeps his soldiers trained and he is generous with them even if he is grave

    • Palando, Messenger of Mandos: Pallando, also known as Pallando the Blue, Rómestámo, was one of the five Istari or Wizards that were sent to Middle-earth to aid the Free Peoples in their struggle against Sauron.

    • Alatar, messenger of Oromë: Morinehtar was a Maia and an immortal Istar wizard. He travelled to Middle-earth in the Second Age with Rómestámo (Pallando), and they became the Ithryn Luin, or «Blue Wizards». They travelled to the east of Arda.

    • Dewin the Fox, Vice-regent of the Vinter-court: Dewin is born in a little noble familly of Dorwinion. He gained his title; «the Fox» thanks to his hair as much as for his willfulness and cunning. He’s the most influential and eloquent noble of the Vintner-court.

    • Hawin, Captain of the Purple Guard: Captain Hawin is the most talented fighter in all Dorwinion. He trained and fought with the most talented fighters of Middle-earth: even Brand of Dale.

    • Belakar, Ambassador of the Rhûnic Confederation: The commander of the peacekeepers, Belakar is reputed for his severity and his complete lack of mercy. He will pacify the land with his sword and his ability to trample the rebels and the angry population.

    • Delling, Ambassador of the Dalian Kingdom: He is one of the most reputed captains of Dale. He is as valorous as he is loyal and wouldn’t hesitate to serve his lord even if it meant his death. His temperament gives him victories where once defeat was imminent.

Spellbook powers list:


    • Militia Order: The nobles raise militias to guard their vineyards from plunderers

    • Revolts on the Outskirts: The plebeians take up weapons and leave their houses to show their anger

    • Quell the Rebellion: Heroca sends his cavalry to kill the dissidents.

    • Vinter-court Decision: The Vinter-court decides that it’s time to raise the Bladorthin Paladins

    • Nobles’ Influence: The Nobles have arrived to push the king to the war. Dorwinion will raise the banners and call the host.


    • Grape Harvesting Time: It’s time to make wine!

    • Power of the Elves: The Elves have affinities with the plants and their gardens are masterpieces.

    • Place of Peace: The Embassy is a place of peace and every one respects it.

    • Elven Mobilization: It is rare that the Elves take up arms but they do it. They are mighty warriors

    • Elven Influence: The Elves temporarily stop the war and continue their trade.

Central spell

    • Time to Make a Choice: Heroca now has to make a choice between Dale and Rhûn.
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