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Major changes to Doom Hunt coming up will make it that much more epic.

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Hello all fans... major change just now happening. Forget Sven-Coop, Doom Hunt is now going to build off of Spirit of Half-Life 1.8 We are all very excited for the change and have coding in the works for a VGUI class and XP/Leveling system! The change is bringing about vast new possibilities in the game- including 3d skyboxes that our mappers are building as I type that make our already impressive maps incredibly vastly epic! Among other things, lots of special abilities are on the way also for the classes as well as the armor/weapons system for the game. The system will feature an unlocking weapon/armor types that will be chosen by the player at spawn based upon how many 'points' they have. Players who put in more effort and damage in the game session will be rewarded with more of these 'points' (We aren't sure what to call it yet... gold, power, maybe?) But if more rare/epic armors and weapons are unlocked only players who put in the right effort will be able to 'afford' those armors at spawn. Also, on boss deaths, treasure chests will give new weapon and armor unlocks as well as awarding the players with 'points' based upon their effort on the boss. In the system, dying will be highly discouraged. A death loses XP as well as 'points' and hopefully players will try to work as a team and stay alive the whole game. Some items will not be in the unlocking system though and will be owned individually by players, such as potions for health/protection etc, as well as the components for the Tech robots and ingredients for the Chemist to create stuff with. All of these will be dropped at random by slayed monsters. It will be a unique and fair system to allow for the most epicness possible!

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Great update info; I hope breaking away from Sven-Coop and becoming a solo project goes well for the team and mod.

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"The system will feature an unlocking weapon/armor types that will be chosen by the player at spawn based upon how many 'points' they have."

Here you go, lucky guy!:

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