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Hello everyone. As promised, a new update comes today with major changes and additions to a lot of aspects to this Brutal Doom mod.

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DOOM: Blood Ops - 1.2.0

Today's the day. 1.2.0 adds to this Brutal Doom mod enough content to play with while waiting for more updates, along with changes to already existing content. The main additions are Horde Mode, Voice lines, Chapter separation, and a Demo of Episode 2. The update should come out soon after this article releases.

Horde Mode (Demo) for DOOM: Blood Ops is now available!

Fight against endless hordes of literal hundreds of enemies in small to large arenas in the new Horde mode, which brings the Brutal Doom combat experience to its peak. At first easy but exponentially getting harder, Hell towers will throw demon spawners at you to make sure you never see the light of day again. Survive long enough and up to 4 new towers will activate each five minutes.

To access Horde mode, you need to open up the menu, click on "Multiplayer" and then "Horde Mode".

This initial release only includes two maps, but with most updates will come new ones.

ATTENTION PLEASE: This mode is currently only released as a Demo. Multiplayer SHOULD be functional, but it might only be the case with GZDoom's multiplayer, which is very unstable and unreliable. Full multiplayer for this mod should come out soon.


  • The mod has now been ported from the .wad format to the .pk3 format. This is to organize files better for me but also for you if you like exploring game files, which I strongly encourage if you're seeking for what's next!
    • Due to this change, the maps themselves are not included in the main mod file anymore but instead in a separate WAD file. Both files are included in a .ZIP which is what is included in the download pages.
  • You no longer need to click and drag to start Blood Ops. The starting procedure has been changed:
    1. Download the ZIP file in the mod download page.
    2. Extract it in a folder of your choice (preferably your mods folder; preferably make a separate folder for each version of the mod).
    3. Put Brutal Doom V21 and DOOM 1 in the same folder as the extracted files.
    4. Double click on "DOOM - Blood Ops.pk3"
    5. If the default app to start .pk3 files is GZDOOM, then the IWAD selection window will appear.
    6. Select DOOM 2 as the IWAD.
    7. Enjoy.
  • Every episodes' maps have been classed into different chapters. Each time a new chapter is reached, the game will announce it.
  • Maps have been updated to now include voice lines from Doctor Samuel Hayden, indicating things about what needs to be done and making the story progress further.
  • Some of the maps, mainly BFG10.5K, have been updated to be far better balanced. Some enemies that were too powerful in groups have been removed and others replaced by weaker enemies. The Map STILL is hard though.
  • Added four main player classes, the first four Blood Operators, to select before starting a new game:
    • BDO-01 - Prime: the original player with every stats as default. The default way to play.
    • BDO-02 - Brutal: Has far more starting/max HP but is slower than the original Blood Ops.
    • BDO-03 - North: Way faster than any of the other classes but is considerably weaker and less controllable. Useful for Speedruns.
    • BDO-04 - Maine: A combination and "Hard Mode" of every classes: Slow and with low HP. Only use this class if you're a madman.
  • The original "Purist" and "Tactical" Classes from Brutal Doom have been kept in the game.
  • Difficulty skills have been rebalanced:
    • They no longer affect the amount of damage taken by the player and the amount of health enemies have.
    • Instead they affect how aggressive enemies are.
    • The "Aggressive" Difficulty has been removed.

  • Added two maps (for Horde Mode):

    • Mission 1: Scorched Earth (MEDIUM)
      • Fight for what remains of Earth in the middle of seemingly nowhere. Don't fall in the Acid lake!

    • Mission 2: Nekravol (HARD)
      • Take on Hell's massive Argent Energy production tower in a round arena with hallways surrounding it, filled with blood.
  • Added a Demo for Episode 2: BDO14 - Highway 17. You can access it by opening up the Console Command and by typing "DEMOEP2" in it. You can also go into the "Menu > Campaign Mode > Mission Selection > Episode 2 Demo".

Here is a part of just how much there is in this new Episode Demo:

That's about all there is for now. I recommend you replay through the entirety of Episode 1 with different classes and difficulty skills to see what has changed.

If you want to see more of what is coming to Blood Ops, I'll be sharing a lot in my Discord server. You can enter it here:

Please enjoy what has come into the new update and I'll see you all soon!

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