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-Wow pal! Since when you can fly? -I never told you but I have wings... the wings of evil!

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Chico: Eh, hello? Is anyone there?

Get away from here! Stranger! Ah, oops, sorry pal, I've been enclosed here for a long time.

Chico: Jesus Fran, you look like crap, what happened to you? and, more important what happened with "Catequesis" ?

Daniel Horror

You don't know Chico, they, they came from everywhere... it was a...ah, Max, poor french bastard he resisted till the end. It was a Max_sacre... Ok, I'm trolling, the game is alive, and we are working so hard, bla bla.

Chico: But you don't post any news since a month or so. Why? Tell me why!

Well, because we are working in a teaser trailer, yeah, showing a lot of stuff... yeaaah.

Chico: Ingame too?

Yeeeaaaah! So, will be a huge update and we want to do it right.

Meanwhile I have another fan art, take a look this awesome picture. This is a work of Caelin Cacciatore, she wanted to capture the ritual that Isabel performs on Daniel, and the loss of Sophie.

Caelin Cacciatore Fanart

You can see more works of Caelin here:


This is awesome! Well written intro text, and those art pieces are fantastic! I'm so looking forward to this game :D

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babeco Author


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That looks awesome :3

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