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Just an update on the Donations bar, suggestions for how it could be used and mod progress.

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Hello everyone; I hope you have enjoyed playing 2.1! At the very least, I hope you enjoyed it over the last version. Whilst I understand the growing pains and issues that come with an Alpha are hard I simply hope that people enjoy it at face value for now, and with the satisfaction that this will continue to improve as time goes on.

Having said this, I would like to extend the invitation for all those interested in helping with the modification from a user standpoint to our bug forum.

Secondly, if you haven't read Ruhr's first article; I highly recommend it!

Finally, as far as "House keeping" goes I would like to introduce the new Donate button!

Having said this, I would like some input from the community. Would you like me to setup some sort of "Beneficiary" system, where users who feel more strongly about helping development then others are given more up to date access to the modification? For this we would have a constantly updating VCS. This would mean that as files are changed and uploaded to it, you would only need to download the files that have been changed. This is more problematic for the entire community, which is why I have instead suggested this for those who feel so strongly about this modification and want it as up to date as possible.

If there are any ideas that individuals have on anything I can do for those who have donated, please let me know. Understand that this is completely, 100% optional. I do not expect anything from anyone. You will never have to pay in order to play this modification; it will always be free. The donations are simply to
A) Raise my morale whilst I mod and,
B) Help pay for the various expenses I have as an individual.

I am a University student, and the time I spend modding denies me the ability to work during said time. I personally believe the opportunity cost is more than worth it; but the donations would go to helping the difference in what I'm losing when I choose modding over work somewhat less, even if ever so slightly.


I am still stalled at the moment, waiting for Relic to look into what has broken the Soviets. Work on the modification overall is continuing, I will most likely move onto Buildings/Pricing of them at this point to help create a more unified system on that front.

Infantry units will not be touched for the next little while, as there is another individual implementing a special rework for something to do with them. Needless to say, I think everyone will enjoy it. :)

Leepriest - - 174 comments

I hope that artillery shall get a rework and it shouldnt be as complicated as other endeavours.

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Ruhrpottpatriot - - 31 comments

It certainly is – sadly. I'm working on it part time (with semester finals coming up here in Germany).

WE could just ramp up all range to max and change the damage, but that would not be fun wouldn't it?

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Warblood - - 110 comments

I hope for some new models soon ^^ Especially the Panther G, the Tiger I Late Version, some StuG III's (a real StuH 42), and the Henschell Tiger II... But, take your time guys...

Just an idea off the top of my head, but I wonder what would happen if one of the big gaming companies tried integrating modding into their games as a business model, instead of DLCs... Maybe make them for a nominal fee and get a cut? You know, instead of re-heating and serving players the same crap over and over, just with a few additions?

I've yet to see a game that manages to live up to its full potential... There's always at least 1 mod that makes it far better... With a well-balanced system, it would benefit the company (new material for lower costs), the modders (some form of financial income for their hard work, better modding support from the game devs), and the players (longer game life, better mods).

Off the top of my head, I'd be willing to pay 5-10 USD for each major version of N44, Blitzkrieg, Battle of the Bulge, and Modern Combat (as long as they keep the hardcore version in there) very few months... Heh, and the exchange rate here is like 2 Liras something for 1 USD...

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JudgeAlfred Author
JudgeAlfred - - 466 comments

Artillery will be done after buildings. Expect it soon.

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