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After getting feedback from a couple players and cleaning up the game's IndieDB profile; I'm outlining my to-do list for the next alpha.

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Here are the reports I got from the first alpha:

The game is too fast
This was the primary response from players. I err'ed on making the game challenging to keep everyone's attention. I'll slow things down before the next update.

Power players should be able to use hotkeys
There will be hotkeys in the next alpha, and the letters appear on the ground where the buttons are.

It's hard to see the dominoes under the button domes
I changed the domes into spinning rings so that there is nothing obstructing the domino view. The rings are white if open, and gray if closed.

By the end of the game there are so many moving dominoes that you can't come back from behind.
This is a fundamental game play issue that I will need to address before the beta. I love last-moment turnarounds and clever players deserve them.

The difficulty curve is off / non-existent
The game is easy after you beat the first AI, and then gets near impossible when another is added. Plus the AI always reacts at the last second. I'll need to address that.

Needs to be more obvious when your rank changes
I'm still undecided on how to do this. I really want the player focused on the playfield, so I will need an announcer...and that means a voice actor (which I need for another game anyway).

If you lose, you should auto-restart
That pretty much says it all.

Need different kinds of obstacles.
I agree; the levels are nice but a bit monotonous. I'll kick some ideas around.

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