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Two mods for the price of one! I bleeping love science!

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We keep going, we keep walking, we keep riding. Forward always forward.

Von Steinbuck's Science Institute is a nine map long Second Encounter mod by Thomas Stys. The storyline is very brief but rather unusual: you are to assault a prestigious science academy in Berlin and murder Doctor F, presumably because he's been involved either in Nazi atrocities or some Wunderwaffe shenanigans, though the readme never specifies what his crimes are. The mapping is extremely tight, nary a tile is wasted; much more compact than Josh Mills' compact maps. Despite the very small size and close quarters, you will face multiple boss encounters among other things.

Thomas Stys

science 1

science 2

von Steinbuck's Science Institute

And then we have Little Shop of Horrors, 19 maps for the Second Encounter by BigDadKupo. There's no storyline this time so we can only guess that the reference to the famous movie was merely a whim. In lieu of a story, the readme instead encourages you to send $2 to the author as shareware fee. If you did, you would get the "mind-boggling" Walls of Enigma scenario, reportedly only for Wolfenstein pros. And if you get stuck, you can always order a hintbook for $5. Since Walls of Enigma is nowhere to be found nowadays, I guess few people took the offer.



lilshop 1

lilshop 2

Little Shop of Horrors

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