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Another H:CaW update ^_^.

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Welcome, friends and watchers of Halo: Covenant at War, to another update produced by the H:CaW team. Two images this time, one of our glorious Halcyon Cruiser returning to the completed and ingame list:

And one of the new UNSC Frigate model, complete with auto-turrets to fend off those pesky seraphs:

These aren't the only things we have up our sleeves at the moment, oh no, we have everything from anti-air wraiths to new projectiles to the UNSC Supercarrier on the way, but they shall have to wait, I'm going to be very busy indeed over the next few months, so savour this update my friends, it shall be the last for a while.

The Mod team so far (in order of joining the team):

  • Blamtroid -- Coder, Modeller, Skinner, Animator
  • Darth Gaius -- Mapper
  • Spartan-517 -- Coder, other stuff
  • Hiimmyself -- Concept Artist
  • LordHood 117 -- Beta Tester
  • CanadaMan7 -- Beta Tester
  • «Ø»O-66 -- Beta Tester
  • Generalmveers -- Coder, Modeller, Animator, Skinner, mapper
  • Iron Joe -- Modeller, Skinner
  • Gotoprime -- Voice Actor, Music Composer
  • Blayke -- Modeller
  • IG11 -- Coder, Mapper
  • BenSkywalker -- Text Writer
  • Darman'da -- Text Writer, Skinner
  • Anh Nhan -- Text Translator, GC Coder, Modeller, Particle Creator

If you are interested in joining then send an email to or apply in our forums:
WE DO NOT REQUIRE BETA-TESTERS, any e-mail to me about beta testing WILL be ignored.

Disclaimer: Halo: Covenant at War was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo, © Microsoft Corporation.


nice, so are you replacing normal game units with the new ones or scrapping the old ones and using new units? (code wise)

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Blamtroid Author

ermmm... replacing, with heavy editing, as in like, it's practicaly a new piece of code anyways :P.

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excellent preview guys! You'll give me a reason to reinstall EaW yet!

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i want to play this when do you think you'll have a demo ready?

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where can i download this superb piece of crap ?

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