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The new patch for DMUC optimises the previous version. The no fort mod is completely removed because of the problems it caused. The CAI and BAI have been enhanced as well.

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Special new in version 6,7
-Removed the no_fort_mod completely, as well as the cannon garrison. The mortar garrison, no grappling hooks, walls remain and produce the best possible siege experience. The AI will not be able to attack forts efficiently but at least it will choose more often to starve you out or demand from you to surrender.
-Difficulty levels give to the AI GDP and army research bonus (It was a necessary move to make it more challenging).
-Optimized the repression, happiness level to unchain the CAI to attack regions and also make more reasonable the pacification process for both AI and human player.
-Government types have different type of repression and penalties making them a really unique choice to rule regions.
-Fleets and Armies of CAI have different role assignment in the map (more mobile, more energetic, more naval invasions, more trade and blockades etc.)
-Reduced spotting distances for all units. Trees, scrub, long grass are accordingly:
Cavalry: 30, 60, 150
Light infantry: 50, 70, 90
Medium, Heavy Infantry: 40, 60, 70
Artillery: 100, 130, 200
General: 50, 80, 200
Native Americans (Including their artillery): 80, 100, 150
The result of this is a better BAI and also makes the units which can hide more useful. For example the Native Americans can now hide & shoot efficiently and deadly.

Files changed (for modders in and out of DarthMod team):
All unit_stats_land_tables (Spotting Distances)
(Removed) Building_culture_variants (No Fort Mod Lite)

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