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This is a new video update of our upcoming game, featuring many improvements and new features.

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Changes in this update:

- New spawn and weapon selection menu,
- New weapon customization system,
- Vastly improved character movement and weapon movement, giving a more realistic feel to the game,
- Implemented the 45 degree iron sight, there will be many more 45 degree sights in the future,
- Improved sniper scope model,
- Every weapon feels different to handle,
- Implemented grenades,
- Vastly improved recoil, feels much more natural, realistic and dynamic,
- Many bug fixes and script optimizations

reptiledude - - 225 comments

I very much appreciate the work you guys have done. It's amazing that you've done all of this with as small of a team that you have. Just goes to show that it's not the amount of people but it's how effective the people are at what they do.

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Jez_Huntsman - - 144 comments

In the weapon customisation screen, I think guns on white instead of black (or a brighter colour of your choice) would work better because it's kinda hard to see some of the gun parts seeing as though they're black on the black background :) Other than that, awesome work :D

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Master3377 - - 77 comments

I was going to say the same, instead I upvoted you.

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brandobin - - 105 comments

This is going to be a good game

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alfio1990 - - 14 comments

Awesome job, guys. Keep going on.

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B.R.V - - 96 comments

both ACOG and m40's optics models in your game have backup sights atop of them, which do obstruct some view... you could make them useful instead or in addition to 45dgr sights (which are not that common in military)... you could make every attachment kinda interactive, like folding stocks and some foregrips, like that on mp7, adjusting sights or changing its mode\brightness...
Recoil looks a bit "shaky", i mean animation framerate... its like drilling with a powerhammer.
Aint sayint that it isnt great project, though.

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Nemesis@zombotec - - 27 comments

This Project became so great in the short time i wasn't checking it, so i clicked the Track Button with never felt Joy. Thanks for that.

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WolveNZ - - 106 comments

Dam, that Movement of the weapon is bloody fantastic! Keep up the good work!

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