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DLC-extra role addons using method additional Warcraft and non-Warcraft heroes, so that players can try to control more heroes, and adapt to my new action system and skills and interface system.

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original role source(if use dlc role, for backup); dlc_warcraft extra role source; dlc_nonwarcraft extra role source The three folders represent the 12 heroes that Warcraft initially provides pre-loaded (X3 heroes for 4 races). The original resource replacement of 12 heroes in the same culture of Warcraft; Non-warcraft culture (such as Hokage LOL) has 12 heroes in situ resource replacement. The following table shows the corresponding relationship. The two DLC characters, dlc_warcraft extra role source and dlc_nonwarcraft extra role source, can be expanded to their respective folders by alternate1-10 folders. Each folder contains two folders, resource and textures, and contains a separate map of the hero's model animation. Copy resource and textures to cover the demo of the version after v1.950. If you have already put the model and texture in the expansion pack (now it is almost reserved, first installed a Naruto), then open the game, click the big map camp to enter the selection interface. Look at the upper right corner, which is the two pull options above character preview. One is to select the default hero preinstallation/additional Warcraft hero extension/additional non-Warcraft hero extension, and the other is to select different control scripts for the same hero slot alternate1-10. You need to refer to the xls table below to select the correct mode and control script number. Only when the actions and events of related characters can be run normally. Since it is in the initial stage, the installation patches of related additional characters will be released and downloaded successively in the form of independent compressed packages with independent version numbers, and the version numbers of compressed characters only apply to the changes of their model, animation and other materials. Code control needs to be synchronized every time the latest mod upgrade patch. The character compression package structure is similar to naruto role patch v1.1, that is, naruto Naruto character patch v1.1. After decompression, two description files in both Chinese and English and a compressed package human_1_(orignal_bloodelf)_(naruto culture) are generated. The file will tell you how to use it: "The compressed package in the same column is used to replace the resources such as the model animation tile of one of the existing original 12 heroes of Warcraft, and then select the appropriate script in the game's camp setting screen to run additional Warcraft and non-Warcraft heroes, so that players can try to control more heroes, and adapt to my new action system and skills and interface system.

current has three addons:

naruto role addons:

goku role addons:

masteryi role addons:

for backup and return to original role to download backup files:

IF you cannot understand how to use these extra role addons,look below:

for example:

The compressed package name 'human_1_(orignal_bloodelf)_(naruto culture) 'means that the brf you replace is the first hero (human 1) of the Warcraft clan that the player originally controlled. alternate_1_naruto: The first folder is alternate_1_naruto, indicating that the script number is 1 and the character name is naruto. The next folder is resource and textures.
Before starting the game, cover the resource and textures files in the zip pack with mods. Each zip pack contains a new model character skin, model action maps, special effects and other resources.
After starting the game, enter the camping setting interface on the game map. Change the option of "use_original_hero_role" into the option of "use_non_warcraft_extra_hero_role_DLC". Then select the next option and adjust it to "use_DLC_role_control_script_of_alternate_1".
The skin of other additional characters in subsequent DLC is the same. alternate_ number represents the choice of script number. Only with the correct choice can the action control of the replacement character be run correctly.
Same thing with other package.
if you want to reset the default character after replacing the extra character skin, you can download "the original role source(if use dlc role, for backup)" package, which contains the brf resources of the default hero. Copy the corresponding hero's brf and overwrite it. (brf is OK. The default pre-installed initial hero has no replacement relationship between resources such as tiles and additional character replacement packs except brf's model.)

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