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Well, being that we are a blog after all, here is what we were talking about yesterday, December 20th.

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Yesterday was actually kind of a busy day for us, we've got a review a list article and some choice news bits including one of the largest indie game sales ever.


Steam Offers Incredibly Huge Sale [Updated] - Steam has offered up a huge sale on over 1000 games, including over 150 indie games. Seriously, I support Desura all the way, but you can't avoid this one.

The Premiere $1 Multiplayer Xbox Experience... ZP2KX: Zombies and Pterodactyls! [Review] - The brilliant minds behind Ska Studios have churned out another XBLIG must have. Check out our review.

Classic Zelda Lovers Rejoice, Frobot Now Available on WiIWare - Frobot, a game we've been tracking since late 2009 has finally gotten a release onto the WiiWare. PC version coming next year.

Retro City Rampage Hitting XBLA Summer 2011.... Summer of Arcade? - Our favorite retro-inspired GTA clone Retro City Rampage has been delayed significantly and moved over to Microsoft's preferred platform of choice.

Humble Bundle Extended by 5 Days - Have you still not picked this up? Well you've got some extra time. Added bonus is that these games can be unlocked via Desura now. Hooray!

Top 10 Indie Picks of the Steam Holiday Sale - Alright so there are 150+ indie games for sale, but which ones are worth checking out? Who can say, but here is my own personal list.

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