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Progress on the new update with filter-forge 2 textures!. Releasing on Desura & Impulse and win a free copy for watching profile and sending us an email simple :D.

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Welcome to the bounce! news post. Recently we have been pretty busy with univeristy stuff as i just had an exam for Maths (Vectors) and we have another in 10 weeks for (Matrices). So it's a busy time but we are working hard trying to get free time to do bits on bounce!.

We have just purchased Filter Forge 2. This tool is amazing we never seen it before and just found out about it. This is a must have for devolopers it's a filter tool similar to photoshop etc. There is over 3,000+ filters and always growing. There is alot of filters already made so we didn't buy the filter editor as we didn't think we would use it.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has bought bounce! and helped us to buy new tools like this to really make our game fun and keep our unquie art-style.

Checkout the results with some new textures we have added to the volcano level.

Texture UpdatesTexture Updates

This next update we are redoing a lot of the textures and also are remaking the entire ice stage as we don't like the whole floating concept behind it. We are using the Voxel Tools now that i learnt how to use it in C4 and going to be adding some great realistic ice stage levels. More news to come on that later.


Bounce! will be releasing on Desura as soon as it goes public, we are all ready on there platform now and are one of the first games to be featured on there platform. We have been talking about this since desura got announced and they were always wanting to sell bounce! which was great for us. So you can buy it off desura as soon as it's released in the next few weeks we hope :D.

Also we are going to be selling on Impulse Driven soon, we are currently in the process of getting contracts signed. There legal team are looking over it, once it's fine we will be all ready to go on there.

Free Copys!:

We are giving away 2 free copys just because of all the great support we had off you guys. Once we hit 200 watchers we will give away another 1. If you want to get in with a chance just send us an email at with your moddb username. Watch our profile and you will be put into a draw. You will need to be able to run the demo to play the full game.

Final Notes (Vote for IOTY):

Thanks for reading and supporting bounce!, it means so much when we got alot of fans. Please feel free to vote for us for IOTY would mean a great deal to us for our hard work to pay off :D. We have just been updating our box-art and moddb profile so please give us a comment if you like the new designs.

If you want something else to read about us checkout our recent interview on bitmob.

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Congratulations for being one of the first games on Desura! :)

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Garyn Dakari
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Awesome job!

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