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It's finally here! we're finally ready to show our 1st Demo for Dinosaurs A Prehistoric Adventure.

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Hi everyone, we’re here to announce that the first playable demo for Dinosaurs A Prehistoric Adventure is finally here! This demo will be featuring:

  • Three playable dinosaurs with two starting dinosaurs and one dinosaur being locked
  • The Play Game (Survival) mode, which would have three playable areas

The purpose of this demo is to let players experience the general mechanics of this game, such as movement, combat, and UI, because we feel that these aspects are very important so we wanted to make sure that we got it right.

DaPA V1 2015 07 17 13 34 19 372

Play as the agile Appalachiosaurus

DaPA V1 2015 07 17 13 34 28 862

Play as the sturdy Styracosaurus

DaPA V1 2015 07 17 13 35 10 648

Attack your foes

DaPA V1 2015 07 17 13 39 15 516

Engage in bloody battles

Download the demo here:

Help get this game on steam by voting on steam greenlight:

More Updates coming soon!


i like it :)

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Awesome Game :)

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Any news since the demo ?

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