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It's time to reval our new game. Retro boomer shooter with dinosaurs!

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Dino Tauma introduces you to a place where gore and dinosaurs isn't unusual thing. Inspired by Doom, Quake, Blood, Turok, Dino Crisis and all your '90s favorites survival horrors.


In three campaign episodes based on '90s level design style mixed with current standards, players will battle through dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures out for his blood. Featuring a vast arsenal of weaponry including tasers, semi-automatic pistols, submachine guns, shotguns and incredibly necessary grenade and rocket launchers, Dino Trauma gives you a possibility to back to your lovely childhood with all PSX and PC classics.


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For details about the development of the game, sneak peaks and more information, join our Discord today!

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RemasteredRetroPC - - 198 comments

Looks legit.

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RemasteredRetroPC - - 198 comments

Add more stagger when they get hit, and eventually the ability to blow off limbs where they crawl away in agony before extinction sets in. Like AVP2.

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XX1992 - - 108 comments

Definitely keeping an eye on this

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SweetRamona - - 5,127 comments

Looks very promising! 😺

My only major criticism would maybe make the level design a bit more spacious, like if you're going to make this in the style of the FPS games mentioned here (Doom, Quake, Blood, and Turok) then you'd probably want to make the level design less cramped for both the player and enemies.

Plus, I hope you're going to update the weapon models shown in this trailer too, they clash pretty badly (are they from the Unity asset store?) with the retro-style of the environment and dinosaur enemies.

With that said, I wish all who are working on this the best of luck! ^,^

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