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Dilogus - The Winds of War, a single player/co-op multiplayer Fantasy RPG is back in production. We've got a brand new studio, a bit of a revamp on the story and lots of interesting bits for all you RPG fans.

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And you thought the project is doomed. But it's not!

Dilogus - The Winds of War is back in production since recently. We've formed a whole new studio - Digital Arrow - and we've partnered with some amazing people to bring Windows and Linux users a unique and comprehensive fantasy RPG experience.

What is Dilogus - Winds of War? Just in case you had forgotten, it was previously announced on ModDB as a fantasy total conversion for Crysis. This time however, it's being produced as a standalone game for both Linux and Windows, featuring a singleplayer/Co-Op multiplayer RPG experience that the player will be able to experience with multiple unique characters.

Caring just as much about the Linux community than any other, we decided to aim for a release on that platform as well, considering some of us are actual Linux users ourselves. We see a bright future for Linux as a gaming platform, and we aim to prove this by releasing a great game for that platform as well!

In the upcoming weeks, we will be releasing screeshots and possibly even an ingame video as well. Stay tuned!

If you would like to follow our progress, you can Watch the project
or tune in with one of our community sites.


Nice work - good luck Norb, should be good to see this come to completion. :)

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Interesting. This will be very beaultifull. Good work on it, i'm waiting.

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I'm speechless.

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Coolness :-D


I'd love to be loving, especially since you're supporting my platform, but I'm a little sceptical by nature. You've got a guy who can draw bloody well and another guy who comes up with cool ideas. But this is a game and games lives or die by their programmers. Without programmers they're just pretty art and cool ideas, but not games.

Hell, the other three guys could be programmers for all I know, it's just that I've seen a ton of promising-looking project like this shrivel up and fail. Course THAT DOESN'T MEAN THIS ONE HAS TO! This is not a turkey-slap, this is a reality check.
Number one piece of advice of all time is to keep it real. Don't bite off more than you can chew. I've got plenty more clichés where these ones came from. What this means in practice is: concentrate on the few little things that will make this game truly great, and cut the rest. There are 5 of you: feature creep is your single biggest enemy.

More than that, I'd get something very basic and very ugly **playable** asap and work from there. This should keep morale up because you'll already have *something* cohesive to show for your work. And it'll be a game, not just concept art.

That said, I'm rooting for you :-) I hope it goes great! So best of luck to you all - you're gunna need it :-P

PS - to anyone thinking of jumping on me for "damaging the team's morale": if a post can damage the team's morale then this project has already failed. Period.

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Desiderium Author

Hey there!

No worries, you are not "damaging the team's morale", as we are more than aware of this. We are by no means having art only, and we actually have an outsourcing/porting studio near us who I am in good relations with, that will be ensuring our Linux port is flawless.

Note that only a few of the members are part of the group here on indiedb/moddb. The actual team behind the project is way bigger. :)

As to the general programing side, you should not worry. Our two main programmers have AAA titles behind their backs, one of them is an OpenGL expert and rest of our programming team is as well quite capable.

I can ensure you that we are taking tiny bites at a time and are working on a prototype of every single game system. Soon, we will present what we have in the works and do weekly updates of our status.

We will get this game done. Every single person on team has industry experience - some AAA, some indie related.

I hope I clarify the situation a bit. :)

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