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We have news of our participants who left and remained WHAT and how we organize the mod

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Hello stalker have to inform you that we have a Bad news and this may delay the acamento mod
We had intended to completely change the atmosphere of the game put new missions new locations new maps and all this will happen more in had a huge group of people to make the mod a group of 32 people 20 of them were making colleges and now 6 of our dezanimou group to do the mod and I was the guy and then remaining 6 people to do the mod and it is not the level I editador Shocher and we are the editador levels and Darkness and Bioshock Frooza are the guys that organizes the text portion and Call of the Valley and the mod Shaders and then lingered to finish the final version and then little by little we will be launching some parts of the mod for you guys played stalker
Aki who speaks and JonathasFire known as Scarecrow Stalker 'm very happy to be back to organizing the mod I think I'm faster and have more ability to mecher levels in editador believe the mod saira Demo already out in Pre-Alpha Alpha Beta Pre Beta - end demonstration and Done

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