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Some significant Concordant Mod gameplay details. Another portion.

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Chaos, Inquisition, Tau and Orks now have different paths of technology in Concordant Mod. Each path naturally brings race new features and units, but all of them don’t duplicate each other and they are balanced (not like Mont’ka and Kayuon in the original). So it’s not a situation where some path is “more powerful” than the other; they are made just for more interesting and pithy game ways of Soulstorm. Because races become really different from the chosen path, I worked on it.


KHORNE – the fastest Mark of Chaos in the technology. Rush, squeeze and press gameplay, aimed at dominance of the game. It’s important for Khorne to exceed the enemy in development. Initially strong units, with quite high damage and a lot of morale destruction abilities. A lot of daemons, the Warp Gate is a key building, with a lot of cooperation with it and its special abilities.
Advantages: powerful attack (very good ally in big battles), quite inexpensive Mark
Disadvantages: some anti-vehicle problems; no strong shooters


NURGLE – slow and reliable Mark. All Nurgle units have a strong shooting defence and regeneration that compensates their low speed and not a huge fire range. Also some of them keep damage enemies with their abilities even after death. Nurgle abilities and ammo able to reduce the armour effectively, so they basically don’t care about types of enemy units. Nurgle forces size grows quite slowly, but when it’s done there will be a problem for all enemies.
Advantages: VERY survivable units; a lot of regeneration; steady morale
Disadvantages: most units are slow; reinforce and point capturing rate are quite longer


SLAANESH – the most micro-control needed Mark, for using their fast and devastating attack with a low health of units. Great for combing Marines with the fastest Rhinos, Razorbacks and Assault Pods of all Chaos forces. Sound weapons are very effective against covers and defending buildings, so defending against Slaanesh is a difficult task. The only Mark that has a Deamon Prince.
Advantages: high speed and strong attack of most units; a lot of weaken enemy abilities
Disadvantages: quite low health; less durable buildings


TZEENTCH – the strength of Tzeentch is mainly determined by its features and abilities. It contains 4(!) Sorcerers in every Rubric Marine squad, which interact with Chaos Lord, Chaos Wizards and Lord of Change. Also survivability of key Tzeentch units is primarily provided by the amount of armor, not hit-points. Tzeentch units have a very specialized attack, so it’s important to choose right units against enemy forces.
Advantages: high-armored units; a lot of very strong and useful abilities for strengthening own forces
Disadvantages: the most expensive Mark; low amount of health


Chaos UNDIVIDED – the most universal and rich Mark, that contains most of Chaos features but doesn’t have a very strong-specialized units. Able to use Cultist and Renegades more effective than others. But Und.Chaos has a daemon forces only from Sarcificial Circle and can’t build the Warp-Gate.
Advantages: multipurpose units; the strongest economy
Disadvantages: no specialized attack for different targets; no Warp-Gate


Adeptus Arbites – available since the beginning of the game. Can use early attacks with arbites squads, get light Combat Sentinels and Support Sentinels + Silence Battle Sisters forces. Add a special Leman Russ Vanquisher Mars in Tier-4, the best anti-vehicle machine of the race.
Make the race more reliable and safe in the beginning, but no marked advantages after tier-2.

arbites 1

Ordo Hereticus – tier-2 available. Units for hit-n-run gameplay with a high damage skills, Inquisitorial commanders + Assassins. Also adds Incarceratots, a very dangerous vehicles (for Your own force TOO) and the main tier-3-4 force.
Critically increase the killer skills of the race. Most of Ordo Hereticus units require the relic point, it should be taken into consideration. Not every map, not for every situation..


Ordo Malleus – tier-2 available. The longest and the most expensive path, but the most effective in the late game. Never the less, Grey Knights have a set of upgrades for making them stronger and more resistant, so they are not very effective in the basic condition in tier-3. But Grey Knight commander is available at once, and it’s probably the strongest commander in the game.
Ordo Malleus forces have their own tier-4 research, sisters Shrine and The Living Saint are not available in that case.



Orks “paths” are not so critically important, it doesn’t divide Orks like 2 different races. They just determine Your high-level vehicles and primary tactic abilities. This choise is available with 40 points of population.
“Hot Burnaz” – all production and research acceleration; explosive abilities; adds Fighta-Bombas.
“Tough Mekz” – increase all building defence; more possibilities in high-level game; adds Grot Stompas.


Now tier-3 for Tau is a research, so You must select from “Teachings of Kauyon/Teachings of Montka” (tier-4 in the original) into the HQ. And “command centers” buildings bring tier-4 now. Also generally Kauyon doesn’t lose Montka in efficiency, although it’s still faster a little bit, and designed for massive acute attacks, not defending.
Montka have 2 more Hammerhead models, for different tactics and combinations of them. Kauyon gets Knarlocs as a “Heavy tier-4 Tank”, not a relic unit, now they are the main strike of this path of course, but special XV-88 with a walk-shooting railguns ability and Heavy Drone Tanks will help them.



1. Орки получается будут воевать либо масс пехтурой , либо только техникой ? Ибо у орков самые большие отряды "16 рыл" , не вызывит это слайдшоу ?
2. Решина ли проблема звуков у арликино ? (в незапамятные времена были глюки "попискивание") ?

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Bivirgerry Author

1. Не. На Фордже можешь почитать, я выложил
2. Не знал о такой проблеме. Завтра прогоню все ее анимации, отпишусь..

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Благодарствую , вот я идиот Arco-flagellants у них были проблемы со звуком то ли удара то ли принятия урона.

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Bivirgerry Author

Я понял о чем речь. Да, это отремонтировано

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i like it. but why just one daemoon prince?

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Bivirgerry Author

Because I didnt have other variants with a relic-unit for slaanesh

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Plans on Tyranids?
Dow2 models

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