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***** Oct 7 2010, 4:11am says: Uh, what's the difference between this and ebola...?

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***** Oct 7 2010, 4:11am says:

Uh, what's the difference between this and ebola...?

Crysis Blue moon
The Story happens mainly on the planed Blue Moon. The First MOD Crysis Blue Moon: Conquest starts on the earth. American and German Scientists create the first spaceship generation. The use Alientecnologie to fix the old problems. The player plays as Nomad. The faction Ebola want to stop the spaceoperation. The US and the NK want to Conquer Blue Moon. The Ebola kill Important people that manage this Projekt.
When the American and the NK see the planed, the people watch only at the planet. Some alienships shoot at the spaceships, the people have no time to fight back. Both sides [US and NK] crash down. On the planet the US and the NK must survive. But they don't work together. Only some works together to survive. The US Coverment want that the us soldiers kill the NK soldiers in their Convoi. But they won't. So the US attack the convoi to kill all. The only chance to survive was to go to the NK. Nomads brother dies on this way.

The player [Nomad] and the rest of the survivers join the NK.
The player do not plays on the frontlines. After the Level Temple he must suvive alone.
The Ebola
The Player play the ebola soldier Strider. The Player play on the frontlines of the Alienwar. You must Conquer old positions back and destroy Alien Bases.


As far as I know ebola is a disease o-o

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