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A more cinematic look at the game compared to the previous trailers, this time we've gone to some effort trying to capture the mood and feel of the series.

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So, we've been busy since the last trailer was released. Once again, this is all gameplay footage (well, except for the text bits), but unlike the pure action trailers of the past, this one is intended to be far more in tune with the series itself:

This doesn't show off anything new, as such, but it does show off the engine's capability for a cinematic experience. Something you'll likely encounter first-hand when playing, as the engine includes extensive support for in-engine cutscenes.

Of course, there's also plenty action and eyecandy, but that goes without saying :D

RogerRamjet - - 1,564 comments

Looking good... a lot of the camera effects and use is fairly similar to the series.. well done...

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FW:ToW_Sushi - - 1,450 comments

looks great guys!

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StormOfRazors - - 82 comments

Wow, great job guys, the explosion and flak effects are excellent!

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Paxton - - 394 comments


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comicsserg - - 71 comments

great :D it would be cool do fly in a viper

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Juffe - - 393 comments

You could make a movie with this game if you had voice actors for it. :D it's that awesome!

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Master_BroTal - - 79 comments

the gun batteries are giving me a boner

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Karajorma - - 49 comments

Oh no! Cancel the game! Master BroTal ruined it for everyone. :p

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newman1702 - - 47 comments

Deleting everything from my drives now, including backups. We'll need to purge SVN and FTP too. I'll set my computer on fire when that's done - only way to be sure.

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Jok3r098 - - 236 comments

dont you just hate it when one person with a boner SCREWS it for the rest of us :P... see what i did there, im not proud -_-

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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Nice trailer. The game's still looking slick.

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tylerthegreat - - 333 comments

wow this isn't copying battlestar galactica at all......

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Karajorma - - 49 comments

Not in the slightest. Whatever could have possibly given you the idea that Battlestar Galactica was any kind of influence on our game? :p

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BinaryAnt - - 46 comments

Very nicely done. You captured the feel of the cinematics quite well :)

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Scorpionov - - 977 comments

an excellent trailer

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はづきHachi - - 2 comments

Wow. I really like the explosions. And if you ask me, they're better than SW:TFU2 ones.

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Zhade Author
Zhade - - 16 comments

Just trying to keep the traditions alive. After all, we're using the FreeSpace_Open engine, and back in the late 90s the FreeSpace games themselves were known for having the most beautiful explosions in space.

Seems after all these years, and countless changes and upgrades, the old engine is still up to the task :)

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newman1702 - - 47 comments

Continuous development of said engine would do that, yea. In all honesty it's not really old as it's constantly evolving :)

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elon - - 5 comments

eyecandy indeed, one minor observation however: the explosion made on plaines do drag down the overall graphics level (they are not that bad, but they are very eighties), would it perhaps be possible to implement some sort of volumetric explosion sfx?

Love what you are doing there, keep it up!

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