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Distraction Half-Life 2 Beta 1 Released ! Released client, dedicated windows and linux servers. 3 dedicated servers available to play! Happy holidays from the dhl team.

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It's here.

Happy holidays, it's been a long, long time in the making, but it's here. The first official beta.

We would have liked to do more, and we have a ton of half-finished stuff, but we wanted to release in the hopes of receiving the support of more talented people.

DHL2 - Client

DHL2 - Windows Server

DHL2 - Linux Server

There are also 3 dedicated servers available for players to hop on, much thanks goes out to GHG Clan for providing 2 of the servers and the mirrors for the download links, as well as Ministry of Action.

Now the bad news. We had to cut some maps due to last minute problems. We would like to release them in a patch along with proper models if a modeller would like to step up to the plate.

In conclusion, Happy holidays from the Distraction team and we look forward to playing with you all in the coming year.

Enjoy, & feel free to visit us at #distraction on the gamesurge network.

p.s: any mirrors would be appreciated send a pm with the links if you can. thank you.


yes its out now

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I'm very disappointed.
never ever release an unfinished game/mod.

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Wow. The point of them releasing is to show what they have, and what they need. They're looking for help, and maybe releasing will bring in new talent. Don't be disappointed by something that is still being worked on. "Never ever release an unfinished game/mod"? Then why release alphas and betas? Why get feedback during closed betas? Because you want help on what needs added, fixed, and finished. How about never ever post idiotic comments without stating what dissappoints you, or why it shouldn't of been released (though they clearly said it's to bring in more help).

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seriously, this game/mod is too unfinished to be released.

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AgentCase Author

We would of liked to finish off the content we had planned and release it after, however there are currently only 2 or 3 of us left on the team and it has become impossible.

So, we cut most unstable things, buckled down and wrapped up as solid a release as we could to help get more support.

Beta 1 is only the start, we hope you give it a fair chance and play it with that in mind.

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