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Dhickhiyaaon is an addictive tap-first game. In this game, you and your companion can play the game face-to-face on the same screen. Play with Classmates, Friends and Family on your phones and pads anywhere. Game has two modes 1 player and 2 player. In 1 player, one can practice and sharpen his/her skills to shoot more accurate. In 2 player, you need a person in front of you. The battle is between you two and whoever clicks first is the winner in this game. Share your Average draw speed and quic

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Long time back there was a time when we used to play games with our cousins and friends without mobiles. In that era, mobiles didn’t exist and we were use to play games in which we used toys and physical objects.

We use to have guns and tazoos that time. Standing at one corner of our dinning room / open space /somewhere in our house. We used to fire on our opponent to score. We tried to escape from the fire and sometimes even mimic to get hurt.

Those were really good times.

And gone.

But, we have new era now, in which right from small age kid knows how to play a game on mobiles and pads. They are well educated how to tap, where to tap in order to play, even they dont need tutorials they just understand it right way. But, they are generally engaged alone, leading to which they won’t be having similar memories as we had it.

Moreover, this has created a different memory stack for them. As they interact less with others and more with device, even when they are in party or friends house. Because most games can’t be played on same screen.

So, we decide that we should do the experiment and create a game which can engage two people sitting nearby on mobile. something which can brings smiles, something which can create some experience and joy in the same way as we use to have in our childhood.

Moving forward, we thought it would be amazing, if we create same kid gun like experience on mobile but with some tweaks and challenges.

How about one who shoots first wins ? How about you have only one bullet to shoot ? How about … Yeah after some experiments we decided that its a good idea. Then, we moved ahead and tried it with some kids at home and found that although they dont know how to read – how to play section of the game. But, they got it. And we made it :) .

Our new game, Dhickhiyaaon is all about engaging people nearby and create a sense of competition nearby. Yes, but we also have leaderboard in which you can show-off your FASTEST SHOOTING TIME.

So, this is it. Something amazing is coming, in which if you have only one device, two people can play together on one screen.

Here is the glimpse of our game concept :

The Game is launched and you can download it from here :

Android :

iOS :

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