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We are proud to show off our progress of the User interface part of Acaratus. T

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“Note that this is a work in progress and not certain that it will be looking or functioning as we show in this post*

So if we start from the top i will explain what it is we are seeing. The topleft is just a standard chat followed by the big number that counts down for your round to end. On the bottom of this number is a button that you press when you are done with your round. On the sides are the teams played on the battlefield.


If we look at the bottom left we have your roster of battlesuits that are available for you to command in this match.

lower left

In the center portion you have your profile image of the driver and all stats for this particular battlesuit.


And last but not least the actionspanel where you will issue all your commands to the combatants! Actions are the standard ones all Battlesuits can do and boosters are the ones you select in your Hangar. (more about that in another post) The boosters are special attacks or abilities available for this Battlesuit


Thanks for all your support! Stay tuned and follow the development here on IndieDB!

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