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Sets of mechanics we want to implement in the future of game development

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Hello, today we will talk about, the sets of mechanics we want to implement in the future of the game development, of Dawn: Day or Night.


After heat battle you may find survivors or recruit enemies to join the party, the player has a limited number of “slots” and once those slots are full the player must leave a party member to recruit a new one.

Managing survivors

Once a battle ends the health value of characters is kept the same and can be healed either using healing items (which are limited) or by letting those characters rest (this means the player must not use them in combats).

If a character dies during combat that character is considered permanently dead.

Note: To keep the difficulty to a reasonable point and avoid players loading old saves in frustration, once a character's HP reaches 0 in combat the player can resuscitate the character using a medic-related unit within a small frame of turns before the character finally dies.

Mission Decisions

During the game, decisions may appear where the player can make a moral choice.

(Example: enemies can decide to take just half of the full number of resources from another group, taking the full amount directly helps the player since resources are limited but as a consequence, the player leaves another group in a situation where they probably won’t survive for long.

This choice does not affect the end game and there is no morality system to tell the player if he is good or evil, the game leaves that to the player's interpretation after each event.

Mission approach

Not all missions need combat, some missions involve just taking items but for that, the player may have to go through another group of survivors that become hostile to defend their goods, the player may take a non-violent approach or kill the other group. Taking a non-violent approach does not give experience to the characters, leading the party to become weaker for the next combats. This type of mission is about how the player decides to act and is more about giving options to the player.

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