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Talk about Progression, Gameplay loop, and Retention loop

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Today we Talk about Progression, Gameplay loop, and Retention loop.


First of all progression what does it mean: How does the game progress as a whole? In the 
progression there are categories such as:
-Character Progression How does your character progress, does he level up, acquire items, 
upgrades, looks different,gains currency?
-Level ProgressionHow do your levels progress, are they random? Do they have a starting point,
 an end goal, dothey have enemies, does the environment change?
-World progressionHow does progression impact your game's world? New locations, new biomes,
 new settings?
-Difficulty progressionHow the difficulty impact player, age, strategy?

Knowing the basics we can talk about what's in the game. In our case there is character progression 
in the game due to the story, being in time of warthe character we play with interacts and changes 
with what he is experiencing. 
It also has Level Progression on the part of the enemies, which 
according to the story the player will face enemies in the levels.The end gold of the game itself 
could be many things. From having your Units to maximum level,Collecting Limited items or 
Completing missions.The objective of the game is to finish the story and be able to leave the
city ​​and go back to living a normal life, without the fear of war.

Gameplay Loop

This Gameplay loop is very simple, for any game like this. Is choosing the units that you think is
best to face the enemies and place them in the most advantageous way is a good way to
emerge victorious from the battle and go to the next level to get to know more about the story.

Game Design Documento Dawn Day o 3

Reference: Created by Marina Marques for the Dawn: Day or Night GDD

Retention Loop

Game Design Documento Dawn Day o 4

Reference: Created by Hugo Garelha for the Dawn: Day or Night GDD

During combat, the player may feel rewarded. Due to the nature of Tactics and Strategy games,
there is an intrinsic sense of accomplishment when a player is able to overcome a situation.
Solutions in the genre are often open-ended and there are multiple ways to achieve good results.

A More Straightforward type of rewards is actual elements of the game, this refers to Characters
Leveling up, class mastery levels, new Classes to characters, new Skills, new Equipment, and new
units to recruit to the team, etc. During the Battle, the characters level up and after the battle is
won the player gets rewards and access to elements that may not be used until the new combat like
new classes.

Once the Battle is over the player may get rewarded once again by getting a new part of the Story
this may be in the form of the main story or a small side story. At this point, the player gets access
to Unit management again where he may set the new skills classes units and equipment. In order to
test this new content or to advance the new story, the player must go into combat again.

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