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Talk about game mechanics, What we have, and what has changed in terms of Character Classes

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Good morning and welcome to another devlog!

DAWN 630x500 Prancheta 1

In the initial phase of programming the idea was to have many classes of characters with many specifics, for example:
-Atk - magic damage / spell accuracy (poisoning / slow /...)
-Res - magic defense / spell resistance
-Luck - crit rate/chance to trigger bonus effects
-Spd - back order and cycles
-Acc - chance to hit
-Movement - quantity of available squares in the grid to walk each turn
-Critical rate - chance of achieving a critical hit
-Critical damage - damage done by a critical hit
-Crit res - resistance to critical damage, etc...
Regarding the specifics of each class, it was reduced by half.

The class system was divided into 3 tiers and a special one that can only be obtained by a character with such a class throughout the game.

Presentation pdf e mais 2 pgin

Reference: Classes Graph by Hugo Garelha

We decided to reduce the scope for now and we have 5 classes. Which instead of being called Soldier, Archer, Thief, Mage and Sage. We have:
•Fighter: Specializes in close combat and deals more damage with melee weapons. Lower damage with guns.
•Soldier: Specializes in Ranged weapons and bonus to ammo. Less movement than other units.
•Guerrilla Fighter: Specializes in mobility and quick damage. Less Defense and Health
•Paramedic: Specializes in Healing and supporting the party, giving bonuses on healing items. Weaker to damage.
•Chemesty (specialized in “magic” debuff, poison, slow etc…)

If you want to follow the work, you can follow us: On social media
We have also Uptaded our prototype: Download Our Prototype
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