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My devblog about stuff NOT related to actually programming the game!

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Hi everyone,

it's been a few weeks, and I've mainly been working on things UN-related to actually designing and programming the game. You'd be surprised how much is involved!

I've been working closely with a few different composers to get just the right sound and music into the game. I never thought I'd write "grinding, dark and driving is what I want" in an email to a stranger - but hey! Everyday is a skoolday.

I'm also trying very hard to find a good pixel artist to do the animation and drawing for the survivors (the little people in the shelter). I'm happy enough with my own placeholder "standing" and "walking in one direction" sprites. But I THINK that a commercial release needs more than that :) If anyone knows anyone - please contact me via this website!

Last, but by no means least, I'm now working heavily on a kickstarter campaign. There is just so much to do here and I want to get on with it so badly that my day job is actually getting in the way. Again, I never thought I describe what pays for the roof over my head, and the food in my fridge, as a "problem", but here we are!

I'm hoping to run the kickstarter alongside a greenlight campaign and a general press release. Again - if anyone knows anyone - i'd love to hear from you!

My new boxart!

Speak to you again soon!



Hey man! Awesome concept you are working on.

Hope to try it soon ;)

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