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Hello, people, I'm back! I've been working on Towncraft II this week and I made some progress so I wanted to share!

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Hello, people, I'm back! I've been working on TowncraftII this week and I made some progress so I wanted to share!

Now I decided that heroes will be premade and work like in League of Legends (4 skills & level cap. of 20). Same for the battle system: now the "charge variable" (which, when 100, allows units to attack) increases even when the unit is NOT on attack state, meaning you can move and attack. A little video showing:

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I'm working on the first hero, whose name is Siegfried. He's a barbarian, easy to play with (no skillshots, mostly buffs), I've made one of his skills' animation already, take a look:

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Now there are pines and trees. Pines come in chunks, and trees, not. Trees are harder to find but grant you +2 wood instead of 1. I've made it so the units, when you click a tree, will try and find the nearest from it if the clicked tree is already "taken". See:

User Posted Image

Now, the minimap stays on the screen, no need to hold a key for it.

New building: barracks. I'm right now working on the walls and iron mine sprites and will add them to the game as soon as I finish the drawings.

Ohhh and archers... OP as usual. <3

When you select the hero, the panel with his/her skills will pop up, with the keys to use each one. Also, I made it so you can not only locate them by pressing H but also lock the camera on them by holding H.

I fixed the error that stopped the player from selecting an unit that was on a farm, and now you can find idle peasants by pressing I!

I haven't worked much on the AI villages tbh, and although they're rather stupid yet, it's funny to see them there (the AI, for now, just train peasants and order them to get wood, in a day or two they all die with no food supplies Tongue).

I've remade the mapgen script to make water the base of it, instead of grass, it makes the map look more realistic, imo. See it:

The game is looking like this in this moment:

That's all, folks! Hoping to keep it up and show more new stuff soon! I've kinda defined a roadmap for it before publishing it, and I'm hoping to make it before 2016!

- Finish AI villages;
- At least 2 heroes;
- Hero progression and units balance;
- Main menu/more settings/3 map sizes (the one from the pic is 100x100 cells - is the smallest one, I want to add 200x200 and 300x300);
- Animals to hunt when it's day (so you can get some food and also exp. for the hero);
- Fix autotiles & a movement system error (not too hard, I've figured it out, just too lazy to get it to work Tongue);
- Finish adding the sprites, animations, upgrades & skills icons, etc;
- More 3 buildings (barracks, iron mines & walls);

SEE YA! Beer!

PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments

thats a lot of progress you made there :D

archers are so important.

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Afrobear Author
Afrobear - - 36 comments

Heeey! Have you seen this? :P

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Very cool low-res pixel art!

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Afrobear Author
Afrobear - - 36 comments

Thanks, mate! Glad to hear that! :)

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