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Added the first few insanely major changes, very excited about it!

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Welcome to Sandblox Devlog #2

What's up?! Today I added the beginnings of the major changes to the game: a single object that represents all blocks using tiles. This does a few things:

  • Pros
    1. instead of variables for each block ID (bID), the bIDs come from tile data.
    2. easier to make a system for blocks that require interactions (Heater, Research Table).
    3. unlocks more efficient ways to generate the world.
      • eventually, I will use ds_girds to generate the terrain. it's now possible due to tile data being used as bIDs.
  • Cons
    • hundreds of lines of code in one object. will just be a tedious task, but worth it!

Image Preview

The player is on the newly created objects, while the terrain below is still old.

I'll be back with another update very soon. Stay tuned for greatness!

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