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Learn more about how the gameplay of Grandma's Recipes will be like!

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Hello everyone!

After showing you how the game might look like in last week's post, this time we will be talking a bit about how the gameplay of Grandma's Recipes will be, as well as some of the games that inspired us to make it!


In Grandma's Recipes you will have to complete the orders you receive from your costumers, but in order to do that you must first collect the ingredients from outside!

But what if you don't know the recipe for what the order asks? The pages from your grandmother's cookbook have been scattered around the forest, so you must explore and discover them all if you want to please your customers!

Here is a little graph that shows how the gameplay should be like!

Gameplay Loop

Game inspirations

To help you have a better idea of what our game might turn out like, we wanted to show you a couple of the games that inspired us! If they seem interesting, why not give them a try as well!

The Stillness of the Wind

Having two different environments (inside and outside), where in one you mainly gather resources and explore, and the other where you can make food for yourself using those ingredients, helped us see how we could do similar mechanics in our own game.


Cats & Soup

This game served mainly as an art style inspiration, it features a cute and cartoonish art style with a visible outline, since this is the kind of style we are trying to achieve, and considering that one of the main themes of this game is also food, it serves as a great reference for our own project!



That's it for this week, we hope you enjoyed learning more about how Grandma's Recipes will be like!

Stay tuned for more news next week!


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