Post news RSS Devlog #11 - Pickups and collectibles!

A small showcase of the different pickups and collectibles you can find while playing Grandma's Recipes!

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Hello everyone!

This time around we will be talking a little bit about the variety of items you can interact with and collect when playing Grandma's Recipes!

While exploring the area, you will be able to encounter both ingredients for your cooking, as well as multiple collectibles inspired by some other games that our friends made!


In order to cook up the different recipes you will need to first gather the ingredients required for the recipe. Those ingredients can be found in the area around the bakery and you must be able to manage them so you can efficiently complete the requests!

IMG 2963


There are multiple collectibles for you to find in Grandma's Recipes, each of them representing a different game that we and some of our friends have developed in the past!

These will be in forms of posters that will appear in different places inside the bakery after you pick them up, but you will also be able to learn some more about them in the collectibles menu.

IMG 2962


That is all for this time, we hope you enjoyed this weeks post!

See you next week,


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